Household Appliance Industry 2009 Top Ten Award Presentation Ceremony, held in B

Afternoon, organized by the Harvard HC home network

Water heater

Cup "channel winning?? 2009 Top Ten Chinese home appliance industry, named" Awards Diaoyutai State Guesthouse in Beijing, was held, China's Chen Gang, deputy secretary general of the Consumer Electronics Association, China


Products Association, the Secretary-General Li-Xin Jin, Guo Fansheng HC Network Chairman of the Board, General Manager HC Yu Zhiguo home network and other association leaders and representatives of the HC network ceremony. At the ceremony site, "the most satisfying distributor Ten


Enterprise "," dealers most satisfied with top ten kitchen electric company, "" Top Ten Dealers most satisfied cookware enterprise "and the list of the ten award winners have known, Qingdao Haier

Washing machine

Co., Ltd., the United States of refrigeration appliance group's marketing headquarters, Guangdong Macro Gas Appliance Co., Ltd., Guangdong

Million and

New Electric Co., Ltd., Zhongshan City Electric Co., Superman, Long Flag Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Zhongshan City, Shute Jia Electric Appliance Co., Ltd., 90 companies and 10 career points were a total of nine individuals and one individual award business awards.

It is understood, HC invited to the home network from across the country nearly 200 dealers came to Beijing Diaoyutai State Guesthouse in China's home appliance industry in 2009 Top Ten Award ceremony site, and industry leaders, major media, the winners together witness this historic moment.

At the ceremony site, HC home network issued to the appliance industry, "


Carbon emissions management "initiative, the presence of home appliances business representatives signed the written proposal, calling for strengthening industry self-regulation, play an exemplary energy conservation, energy reduction targets for the country and make due contributions.

Ten Prizes

close fit with industrial appliance market status

2008 ? HC home network appliance industry in China hosted the first ten selected channel member satisfaction, and on March 8, 2009 Awards Ceremony held in Beijing Diaoyutai State Guesthouse, the association leaders and scholars of the "Ten Award" highly evaluation, the first ten selection has aroused strong repercussions are also household appliances. HC 2009 Power continued devotion of family, the spirit of "open, just and fair" campaign aims to continue to introduce the brand home appliances industries, enterprises and people of the ten selected activities, review, promotion, evaluation, praise for the progress of China's household electrical appliance industry and made outstanding contributions to the development of enterprises and entrepreneurs.

Set in the award, the organizers HC home appliance industry, taking fully into account network characteristics, set up 10 awards involving household electrical appliance enterprises, distributors, business personal three. The current selection set of 10 awards were "the most satisfying distributor Ten white business", "dealers most satisfied with top ten kitchen electric company," "Top Ten Cookers enterprises dealers most satisfied", "dealers most satisfied with 10 large water heater business, "" Top Ten Dealers most satisfied that hot water heater business, "" Top Ten Dealers most satisfied with the life of electrical appliances business, "" Ten manufacturers were most satisfied


Enterprise "," Ten OEM manufacturers the most satisfactory enterprise "," dealers are most concerned about the top ten Venture Star "," production company Ten most satisfying distributor. "Where" dealer business of the ten most concerned about Star "award for individuals.

It is noteworthy that, according to a new home appliance industry in 2009 features the industry, seeking a wide range of home appliance manufacturers, dealer's opinion, the organizers of the Selection Committee HC Home Network "channel winning?? 2009 China's home appliance industry, 10 Great selection, "Prizes have been adjusted. Compared with the previous, this selection Prizes are three changes: "Top Ten Dealers most satisfied with the ice wash Enterprise" award was renamed as "the most satisfying distributor Ten white business"; addition of "top ten dealers most satisfied the hot water heater "award; cancel the" Top Ten Electric household appliances enterprises the most satisfactory city "award.

Adjusted Prizes fully into account the status and trends of home appliances industry, more intuitive, clear, more fit characteristics of household appliances industry, but also greatly increased the enthusiasm of enterprises.

Channels Wang Quanguo dealers do business and personal satisfaction that the judges vote

Channel change times in the face of fierce competition in the form of small household electrical appliance enterprises in the fierce market competition, market competition to maintain and to continue to expand the core, in addition to the core competitiveness of technology products to maintain superiority , channel distributors to build a channel for enterprises, management,


And after-sales support, brand recognition, profitability acceptance, cooperation, commitment to the degree of fulfillment, corporate culture and a series of dealer satisfaction, small household appliances enterprises will determine the competitiveness of the merits of the core channels.

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