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Studies are still clouds follow VLAN (6): VLAN routing between-VLAN-IT industry

VLAN routing between the need to According to the knowledge acquired so far, we already know that even if the two computers connected to the same Switch So long as different VLAN can not belong directly Communicate . Next we will learn how different inter-VLAN routing, so that belong to different VLAN hosts can communicate […]

2010 Department of Agriculture Agricultural Mechanization Management Division Po

2010 is the implementation of the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" last year, is planning "12 5" an important year for development, but also cope with the international financial crisis to win a complete victory, and promote economic development is a crucial year. Accelerate agricultural mechanization, agricultural and rural development for the compaction and lay a solid […]

Smoke sensor fire alarm in the hotel system – sensors, automatic alarm system –

Submitted: Chinese Sensor Hotels are for domestic and international passenger accommodation, dining and holding meetings, functions. Hotels generally have a modern multi-functional, comprehensive features, catering, accommodation, entertainment, shopping as a whole, it is easy fires. Automatic fire alarm system for early detection of fires and fires in the early fighting, reduce the fire to maximize […]

Variety of network applications to deploy Gigabit Campus Network Planning Analys

Campus network is a platform for carrying a variety of network applications. As the digital campus, network applications such as further development of teaching, and web-based video and other high-volume rapid development of network applications, a number of servers already widely used in gigabit network card, which makes the campus network backbone upgrade to a […]

Multi-core era Windows 7: How to run faster-Windows7, software-IT industry

These results indicate that, in considering whether to deploy Windows 7, the performance should be considered is to upgrade to WindowsXP Windows7 reasonable grounds, but the performance factors for Vista users not turn Windows 7. Windows7 Vista kernel based on factors make the performance of the two closer. Surprising is that, Windows7 multithreading changes and […]