2010 Department of Agriculture Agricultural Mechanization Management Division Po

2010 is the implementation of the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" last year, is planning "12 5" an important year for development, but also cope with the international financial crisis to win a complete victory, and promote economic development is a crucial year. Accelerate agricultural mechanization, agricultural and rural development for the compaction and lay a solid foundation for co-ordination to promote industrialization, urbanization and agricultural modernization, urban and rural areas to form a new pattern of integration of economic and social development of great significance. In order to implement the Central Document No. 1 of 2010 and the Central Rural Work Conference, National Agricultural Work Conference, in accordance with the national agricultural mechanization work conference, is to develop the 2010 work of the Division of Agricultural Mechanization Management points. One goal of the Deng Xiaoping Theory and the idea of "three represents" important thinking, thoroughly implement the scientific concept of development, closely around the promotion of stable development of agriculture and keep rural incomes, rural harmony and stability of targets, the promotion of law and the implementation of agricultural mechanization Agricultural Machinery Safety Supervision and Management Regulations, and adhere to the road with Chinese characteristics, the development of agricultural mechanization and further implement a comprehensive policy to foster the development of the main, main attack weaknesses, optimizing the structure layout, expand services, accelerate technology promotion, strengthening public service, change the mode of development, enhancing the quality of development, and comprehensively improve the level of agricultural machinery and equipment, operations, service level, technology level and level of security, strengthen the body's own Construction Division, to promote the scientific development of agricultural mechanization. Total Power 2010, the country strive to grow by 5% over the previous year, continued to improve the structure of agricultural equipment, agriculture, integrated farming mechanization level of income to 52%, agricultural cooperatives and other professional social service organizations to increase the number of relatively large, advanced agricultural technology promotion further expand the range of applications, agricultural production safety situation is stable. Second, the focus  (A) to implement the purchase subsidies to focus on promoting agricultural mechanization to seriously implement the support policies 1 .  Well-organized and implemented purchase subsidies. Scientific development of agricultural machinery purchase subsidy in 2010 work program, to expand the scope and types of equipment subsidies, rationally determine the size of provincial subsidies. Organize the work of general categories of subsidies in equipment selection. Improve the subsidy system purchase and operating procedures, modified farm machinery purchase subsidy funds Tentative Measures. National farm machinery purchase subsidy start the application management software system, to promote the purchase application, audit, settlement, file management information. Purchase subsidy policies to strengthen the implementation of the supervision and inspection, and promote the full implementation of agricultural subsidies. 2 .  Promote mechanical subsoiling land preparation and other operations to implement subsidy policies. One documents the implementation of the Central and the central government allocated an additional comprehensive agricultural subsidies focused on capacity building of the basic food requirements, promote the implementation of mechanical subsoiling soil preparation, straw chopper, transplanted rice subsidies and other special operations in support of conservation tillage methods and greenhouse seedling, grain drying and drying facilities. Coordinate the development of agricultural management practices operating subsidies and subsidies to plan, direct operating subsidies for agricultural development around the implementation of programs, operating subsidies for the convening of working experience in agricultural exchange. 3 .  On promoting agricultural mechanization to promote the development of policy documents issued. Coordinate the relevant departments "on the promotion of agricultural mechanization and agricultural machinery industry views of good and fast development," the drafting and amending, for the State Council document, and carefully organized "opinion" in the implementation of the work of propaganda. Organization of special investigations and supervision, and promote the development of policies and measures to promote agricultural implement. 4 .  Efforts to broaden the channels for agricultural mechanization investment. Start the implementation of conservation tillage construction plan, build a number of conservation tillage project demonstration area. Promote the project for the implementation of agricultural mechanization, agricultural technology to enhance public service capacity building and market sheds and other infrastructure. Actively involved in promoting credit, insurance and other rural financial services policy, and guide more credit funds to invest in agricultural mechanization, coordinate the implementation of policies such as agricultural operations tax relief.

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