"TM" policy in the row update trigger boom appliances

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TM to

"Policy was formally implemented in August, following"

Bringing home appliances

"After the Chinese home appliance industry is facing yet another influx of policy promotion. In the" home appliances to the countryside "," TM "and a series of policies to stimulate consumers to purchase under the continuing high enthusiasm, and even some do not enjoy the policy of home appliances also to east, over the same period in previous years, sales have grown.

The summer here


The selling also contributed to the overall category of kitchen appliances



"TM", the temptation is the new point, with the improvement of living standards to speed up the elimination rate of home appliances, household appliances no longer hold a state of mind with 10 years. The face of escalating product features, the appearance of a new guise, it is more interested in "grass is always greener," then what looked like another one is the "new" mean?

First of all, new ideas. Kitchen appliances from the earliest simple rice cooker,

Gas stoves

Up to now, the "Kitchen", "kitchen home life", is not only a product category increased, but also enhance the concept of life. It has long been dissatisfied with shrouded in smoke, cooking, more reluctant to waste precious leisure time in the pots and pans. It is gratifying that this way of life is being broken, a new "home kitchen" concept is imperceptibly changing people's lives, into the kitchen with the intention of family members, friends share the joy, share emotional space.

Second, the function of the new. Technology will always be the biggest selling points of home appliances, especially with the development of technology, intelligent home appliance technology is presented, the trend of human nature. Such as


U-STYLE home kitchen appliance series, the Ad Hoc see lots of "good plus" feature: refrigerator ice unique sensor device can automatically detect ice reduction in the heat of summer can be cool at any time to enjoy Qin spleen;


With double safety lock, to reduce the use of the process of hidden dangers.

Finally, the appearance of the new. Appliances as part of decoration, not only emphasizes practicality, its aesthetics are essential. Is the direct embodiment of the master taste. Panasonic's kitchen home appliances series, complete with elegant silver-white appearance, simple style; smooth lines, underlines elegance; sophisticated manufacturing process, restrained elegance. Uniform style and tone, not only fully shown the beauty of harmony, but also bring fresh air to hot summer. TM to talk about the prospect of home appliances, Chen Gang, deputy secretary general of China Household Electrical Appliances Association, said that he was looking forward to, he thought the Chinese home appliance home appliances TM to accelerate the market on the industrial chain, catalytic appliance technology innovation to enhance consumers three aspects of quality of life has quite good.

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