Haidong "raving": the Wuhan Guo America into the first – the country t

   This year, Wuhan
States United States
General Manager Oscilloscope release "obscurity" in 2006 brought the first truly Wuhan Guo America, "the total turnover of all categories
Amount … … all the indicators are the first.


2005 year, Wuhan Guo America only six stores, now has 14, an increase of eight, said that in addition to six stores have been signed
The recent opening soon. In accordance with the plan Haidong first half of 2006 the number of Gome stores in the province will reach 35, the city from 20 to 25.

2005 11 months, the successful acquisition of US-China Business Group, home appliances business, its seven stores are also incorporated into the national territory of the United States. Wuhan 3, which stores the province 4.

Haidong said that these two events, the United States in 2005 Wu Hanguo most editing software, it is also these two events, the United States the power to enrich the country, the current Chinese restaurant in the number of Gome, the layout had been mature.


Business Competition, Oscilloscope total as an "arrogant," "ruthless" feeling. Turning to the past year, his tone remains with gunpowder: "home appliance industry is now at the stage of rapid expansion, war is encroaching,
Is cruel. Before I came with a month's time to do market research and
After a year of testing in 2005, the market reaction and we had expected, then we will continue the established program development. Even though the highly competitive home appliance industry in 2005, 2006, must be more intense. "


Haidong that this year will be staged in Wuhan appliance industry, "life and death struggle", the country provoked a war the United States will act as the role of the United States currently being carried out in January the country, "The Joy Luck Club"
Activities, with the Oscilloscope as saying: "in January, I want all of Wuhan
Appliance Retail
Industry does not make money! "

On consumer electronics market situation in 2006 in Wuhan, Oscilloscope with a lot of heated words, "life and death struggle," "Shuffle the first year," "
. "

He added: "Country before the United States faked 'Price butcher' in the name of limited strength in Wuhan, not really held up butcher's knife. Now we power to the battle raged, have also announced Okay, next is a go." again revealing a great cut to rival the meaning of his horse, but commercial success has always been only in the outcome of war Hero, Oscilloscope can really deliver on his promises, but also the situation of the war in 2006.

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