"Zero profits selling" Love the Dragon Boat Festival over the weekend

This weekend is the traditional Dragon Boat Festival. In this particular moment,
Announced: with major branding, the first Dragon Boat Festival a small selection of Golden Week in the whole category of a group of mainstream popular boutique electrical implementation of "zero profits sales." It is reported that, although previously Suning contribute 60 million yuan for the earthquake-stricken areas, but the Sichuan Suning Appliance, said yesterday that during the Golden Week sales profits will be used to set up a Disaster Relief Fund, later this special fund will be used for long-term support for reconstruction on !

Dragon Boat Key words??? Zero profits

Wei Gu, general manager of Suning Appliance, Sichuan told reporters that the so-called "zero profits" means the sale is the sale price based on the daily electrical stripping Suning single product margins and profits of manufacturers product entirely after a single net purchase price to the consumer-oriented . This reporter learned that, in Suning for the entire
Home Appliances
Industry Alliance issued a "zero profits" sales call after the first time the major manufacturers also gave a positive response, Siemens,
, Haier, Nokia and other major brand and Suning of common household appliances according to recent public consumption, the actual demand for the selection of a batch of each unit of "zero profits sales" model, and promised to ensure the opening of the supply of related models.

General, said Gu, with the pace of life of most people and gradually returned to the original track, a lot of home appliances were damaged in the earthquake can not use the public need to buy, hold many of the original appliance purchase earthquake plan members of the public procurement plan will be put again on the agenda. Sichuan Suning Appliance manufacturers and major home appliance industry alliance composed of small Golden Week, the festival has invested heavily in the strong launch of "zero profits selling" sales program, is the most affordable prices in order to meet their shopping needs this urgently, for the resumption of contributions to the downtown business scene.

Dragon Boat Key words??? Disaster Relief Fund

Reporter learned from the care of total office moved to another people's decision, he told reporters at the Dragon Boat Festival held on the relevant meetings of small golden week when, after serious discussion, all participants agreed to use Suning in Chengdu sales of electrical appliances during the holiday season all the profits from reconstruction assistance to set up a charity fund, the money will be used to support post-earthquake reconstruction process of the materials needed or to counterparts in the special financial assistance, he said that Suning will set up a special working group responsible for the operation of the Fund, to ensure that earmarked to help the most in need of help.

Reporter learned that Suning will be zero profits in the Dragon Boat Festival Golden Week launched three days of action and the use of the profits generated by sales of the establishment of the Fund's decision to rebuild the affected areas would love to loss of Su Ning at least not a small number of income This also badly damaged in the earthquake disaster, sales have been seriously affected Suning will undoubtedly bring greater pressure. However, the total Gu told reporters that rebuilding will be a long and arduous process, as a strong social responsibility of enterprises, Suning should overcome their difficulties and do more practical work for the disaster area, he also wants to bring more businesses and consumers, to relay in this very meaningful love them to!

Dragon Boat Key words???
With the 60-day Olympic countdown
approaches, the Dragon Boat Festival will be the first half of the last before the Olympics and even the little "Golden Week", is also home appliance manufacturers to snatch the Olympic final economic opportunities
, Mobile phones, computers, digital and other products have staged promotional war.
Suning Appliance
black, according to general manager Li Bing introduced from mid-May, Suning on with Samsung,
, Hisense, TCL, Konka, Changhong, Sharp flat-panel manufacturers reached a joint marketing agreement for the sale of 6,7-plate on the peak concentration of the Olympic 100 million purchase of the special resource. Dragon Boat Festival is expected to begin during the key run, while Sichuan Suning is one sub got a great big cake.

Mobile phone, computer attack planes Joining battle starts in June sales. Nationwide deployment of resources has been completed, not just for Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other cities to increase resources on strategic efforts for the 512 earthquake-hit Sichuan region has to be a special favor. It is reported that Suning will continue to co-Lenovo, HP, Nokia, Samsung and other domestic and international first-line brand, full range of none other 10% to 15%. Will also consumer demand for different groups, introduced millions of computers, mobile phones preferential plane.

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