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Recently, Harbin, Heilongjiang Province
Consumers Association
Held a news conference to announce the
Home Appliances
Service industry customer satisfaction survey results. The survey found that consumer satisfaction with household appliances sales service poor, dissatisfied 39.2%, which
After-sale satisfaction the lowest, only 28%.

data show that only three percent of consumers expressed satisfaction over

It is understood that in February this year, Harbin City, District 4 CASE Organization 8 counties (cities) consumer association launched a consumer appliance industry, service satisfaction survey, the survey questionnaire issued a total of 3,000 consumers designed 22 questions, respectively, from home appliances, "three guarantees" service satisfaction and dissatisfaction of the main reasons, comments and suggestions, service companies and trusted home appliance brand in areas such as investigations. Survey, in Harbin poor household appliances sales service satisfaction, dissatisfaction accounted for 39.2%, 27% in general, satisfied with only 33.8%, lower satisfaction. Among them, the mobile phone service satisfaction, only 28%.

problems into business two weekends "off-site"

According to Harbin CASE person in charge of the household appliances industry, the survey found problems with after-sales service 4.
First, low quality of service personnel
. Survey of employees to senior workers (three workers) less than 20%, there is more than qualified technician for less than 2%? 3%. Poor sense of service employees, only 28.3% of respondents believe that service personnel with a good attitude. Services are not standardized, home services, use the polite term, only 12% wear company logo clothing, shoe covers, wearing badges of 49%.

2 is zero
Supply lagged behind the actual demand. According to the survey, more than the maintenance medium enterprises (8 or more) the ratio of long-term backlog of parts inventory 30%, not commonly used ratio of about 20% parts, used parts for less than 40%.

Third, the high cost of maintenance services, chaos asking price. Part of the business site service maintenance personnel do not take the initiative to express the price is often the first service, she told the price, maintenance, price and accessories prices are overcharged. Some do not charge maintenance fees banner cover home repairs, but received high parts prices, the consumers will suffer.

Fourth, over-commitment to become a household electrical appliance enterprise service consumers
One of the main hot spots, such as corporate commitment to door service within 24 hours, while the survey nearly 26% of the enterprises can not be home within 24 hours of service, while 20% of businesses weekend hotline unanswered.

CASE perfect appliance service system proposed

For the survey results, Harbin City Consumers Association official said, after-sales issues that must be standardized household appliances industry, the proposed household electrical appliance enterprises to increase service personnel, do pre-job training, pay attention to their image, unity
Unified tools, unified service terminology, unified equipment, service personnel should regularly visit and actively communicate with consumers. Authorities to establish a perfect accessory system, more emphasis on the management of spare parts market, on
Quality and electrical spare parts, regular or irregular channels to purchase an effective inspection, spot checks, the source always has parts from the market, product quality, fight against counterfeit and shoddy products
Channels, clean appliance repair parts market. Strict price maintenance standards, to prevent the unauthorized fees to happen, to protect the interests of consumers.

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