Dongguan: distribution based home appliance giant array is the highlight of 2007

2007, the time value of the Golden Pig year, good fortune of the Golden Pig is always giving people too much hope and imagination: an escalation of Dongguan city, the population on the rise, upgrading of people's lives for the importance of consumer goods appliances have been everywhere. In 2006, the Dongguan M & appliance stores continue to be staged, dismantling and expansion, in 2007, faced with a variety of functional areas to upgrade the city, fashion, Suning, Gome, Dongguan appliance store on? Is a town surrounded by the city or from city to town? Dongguan strength of the face of rising consumer appliances, separate ways manufacturers have also started to set point in Dongguan, they open up channels on the terminal, what new ideas?

Situation with the consumer to buy the market, with a market review products, in anticipation of 2007, we have also introduced a best-seller list in 2006, who led the consumer market appliances in 2006, who will be the home appliances in 2007, Dongguan In the main force?

2006 happened in, and already occurring; in 2007 did not happen, suspense remained. In the new year, the central living area, central business district will vividly, the introduction of 400,000 personnel policy Dongguan start the second year, nearly 100,000 people came, Shenzhen, Dongguan, home buyers, talent, once settled in Dongguan, would buy a house, buy a house would add appliances, home appliances market in Dongguan in 2007, has too many good, but there will be some negative.

2007 Dongguan year for home appliance industry, various stores to continue to fight for life and death, or development of harmonious co-existence, the opportunities outweigh the risks, or risks than opportunities, all in all, we wait and see.

After last year's fierce competition, Dongguan, linear increase in the number of appliance stores. This year, Dongguan, not to relax the pace of major home appliances giant.

Reporter found that in addition to enhancing the quality of a single shop, the constant distribution matrix based consumer electronics giant is still the major highlight of this year.

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Qiangdi Pan, into a scramble for key town

"Shop is still the highlight of this year," more than just the country general manager, said the United States. In an interview with this reporter recently discovered in the home appliance chain last year, continued, "started taking", the shop is still the store each year, a common goal. Home appliances electrical appliances boss fashion ingenuity to create a "General Store" the new concept to the new year to more competition for market share.

In January of this year, Gome's winning bridge stores the new address and is expected to open before the Spring Festival, fashion, electrical appliances will also be action in the near future. Continued rapid expansion of home appliance industry in 2006, the most impressive thing. By 2007, major home appliances giant, in addition to the heart of the city continue to look for a new site outside the expansion, they are more invested in the township to look on the market.

According to the supermarkets

feedback data, GOME existing 14 stores planned for this year to 20, in addition to two in the urban areas, most of distribution township. Number 13 fashion stores, plans to increase this year, 13 stores, including at least 8 is the layout in the town market. While Suning to open this year's six new stores were more than half of the above points will be announced in the town market.

For urban markets, the supermarkets have said they would not charge people to relax. "This year's program in urban areas such as Guancheng some better address this, we will consider the creation of two large stores," vice president who have made modern appliances told reporters that the urban market, there is room for expansion.

Reporters found that over the past several shop on the geographical location, lack shop several stores all get together, and shop for this year's expansion of the site, several stores are tight-lipped, but if the past that kind of get together and shop continued to play, then, this year's expansion to the several appliance stores is undoubtedly at greater risk, competition will become more intense.

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