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30% success rate, "Samsung model" worthy of reference of domestic enterprises

Chinese appliance lock in "the international mainstream enterprise"

Chinese home appliance industry in 2005 is an unusual year, this year the development of home appliance business ups and downs, the company adequate diversification is exploration, international walking hurriedly, 2005 was a year of home appliance industry for thought , environmental issues, self-

Intellectual property rights

And patent issues, business


And reform of financing and so on. At the same time in 2005 is a year full of hope, we have seen with China's sustained economic growth, with the improvement of living standards and systems, new technologies, new applications to emerge in 2005, the survival needs of the consumer appliances , product innovation and


The ability to constantly improve, the market again pregnant with a new and abundant opportunities.

This week, Xinhua and Sohu joint action, strong build, "Challenges and Butterfly" 2005 China Summit Forum home appliances, the Forum on-site authorities


, Industry leaders, household appliances


, The media elite talk about the development trend of household appliances.

11 16, 2005 China Summit Forum in Guangzhou opening appliances, power and property rights change in the situation in the capital among the household appliances industry, the birth of the international mainstream business enterprise can become experts and scholars and industry leaders the subject of common interest. Forum noted that since 2005, the evolution of capital strength, business-changing property rights and the international expansion of Chinese demand, the continued development of China's home appliance industry, Internal and External Factors. Chinese home appliance industry associations that the Deputy Secretary-General Xu Dongsheng, in the era of overproduction, the scale is also depreciated, the economic value of the performance constraints, there is only a technical value, China's home appliance industry to achieve value from a number of changes in sexual orientation.



Achievements of industrial upgrading

From the former entirely on imported Chinese home appliance products developed to become the market mainstream products, Chinese home appliance industry from the "hopeless industry" after "low-tech, labor productivity-intensive, repetitive competition" to the development of China is now "open The most thorough "industry. State Council Development Research Center, said Zhang Wenkui Enterprise Institute Fellow, created an open and competitive home appliance industry of China, while Chinese home appliance industry is still dependent on future upgrades open competition.

According to MII statistics, electronic information product manufacturing industry in 2004


Income of 2.655 trillion yuan, up 41.7% over 2003, exports grew by 46%; the whole first half of 2005 total sales of more than 16,800 billion industry, up 20%. It is understood, is the continuous technological innovation and technology integration for the industry, purification, and the Chinese home appliance industry is gradually cleaning to electronic information products manufacturing industry.

Zhang Wenkui the same time that the mainstream business world should be those "not dependent on natural resources, non-competitive industries in the state's public companies." Chinese home appliance enterprises to become the international mainstream, the real challenge is not to scale, nor is the speed of development, but

Corporate Culture

And two aspects of corporate governance. 2005 Greencool companies such crises can be seen, "speculation" was too strong, the spirit of less than rigorous, open and competitive international rules temper enough, is still a household electrical appliance enterprises in China on the serious shortcomings of corporate governance.

Cross-border M & A cause for concern

Power and property rights change in the situation in the capital under the impetus of China's household electrical appliances in 2005 to continue to follow the international and the right

Overseas markets

Research and attempt. Forum in the current industry, the development of China Transnational mergers and acquisitions, business experts and scholars to become the focus of attention.

Forum experts believe that China's information electronics manufacturing industry is relatively high growth rate, China's household electrical appliance enterprises are increasingly liberalized domestic and international development approach,






And other giant companies has had the international competitiveness, began to appear some international influence of Chinese enterprises.

Zhang Wenkui also believes that these

M & A

Can truly achieve effective integration and play a role, still remains to be seen, after all, the success rate of only 30% of international mergers and acquisitions, so acquisitions are international opportunities and challenges. But Zhang Wenkui also said the road to internationalization of Chinese enterprises is a must go for. Chinese home appliance industry should concern "the birth of Chinese enterprises can truly international mainstream business," rather than one or two companies own success or failure.

Samsung become a "role model" enterprises

The same time, the face of today's home appliances industry in China, 70% -80%, remains at the assembly industry, piecing together the status of this forum, the more business representatives and experts believe that, "Samsung's Development Model" is more suitable for household electrical appliance enterprises in China upgrade progress.


Group Vice President Yu Yaochang that the manufacturing plant to the innovative development of the plant, compared with South Korea's Samsung to household electrical appliance enterprises in China, the Chinese household electrical appliance enterprises should be very ashamed.

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