Huang Guangyu: too busy to think about the ideal

Have not the slightest Pearl City in Beijing, then I show off that little store in the

Cartons Traces. Huang Guangyu Using two decades, to itself as important in the household appliance industry great.

"Now there is no sense of wealth, has no time to enjoy the wealth of the." Rich man who was only 37 years old, said. When the "Financial Times" asked and personal vision of the future, Wong Kwong Yu said with a smile: "too busy to think about the ideal."

Wealth of escalation What is business? Last year, Huang Guangyu for merchants is defined as "to understand pricing."

Understand pricing, means understanding and macroeconomic policy, understand the consumer psychology and know how to price the cost of the manufacturer.

States United States 2005 Happy Valley Enclosure, increasing their bargaining chips, the United States across the country adhering to the country's "puerile" occupation, is based on consumers and manufacturers, "the wind blows."

"Bargain pricing is the standard." Huang Guangyu of Gome, a close source said. In this year, Huang Guangyu in the eyes of businessmen criteria: able to apply the money is good business. Can not be denied, Huang Guangyu, I is the application of funds players.

Appliance Retail , Real estate And Capital Operation is the beauty of the Troika countries, in the three capital-intensive areas, Huang Guangyu maneuver which eventually boarded the summit of wealth.

Gome to 35% of the assets into this after the country finally completed the United States ideals and honor to the Warburg Pincus

Investment Fund promise to achieve the overall market. The injection of Gome's,

Package States United States including in Shanghai and Hong Kong all the stores in 18 divisions.

Injection is completed, Huang Guangyu of Gome shares held shares from 1.085 billion, up 17.38 million shares, and control a 75.67% stake in listed companies. As the public shareholding below 25% of the offline, Huang Guangyu cash in the near future may further action. Two years ago, backdoor listing Gome, Gome Huang Guangyu 65% of the shares being sold price of 8.8 billion Hong Kong dollars, this part of the shares corresponds to the net assets of 2.4 billion Hong Kong dollars. Today, once again played the legendary, the country remaining 35% stake in the U.S., sold a better price. According to 8.05 HK dollars, Gome's Huang Guangyu only worth, after completion of the transaction will reach nearly 140 billion.

Huang Guangyu that the most important thing is this stock a complete GOME, GOME profit per share also increased.

Capital market made in people's emotion-rich capabilities, Wong Kwong Yu said, the current value is not this the most tangible wealth, but rather support the country several hundred million U.S.

Sell The amount of consumers. Strong dialogue Met with the media on the same day, Huang Guangyu, and Warburg Pincus investment fund people for two and a half hours would be. In February of this year, Warburg Pincus fund of 12 million dollars, Gome, get 9.71% stake, making it second only to the second largest shareholder Huang Guangyu of GOME Electrical Appliances. Warburg Pincus Managing Director, Sun Qiang, Gome will enter the board.

Strong and powerful Sun Qiang Huang Guangyu, which began a capital dialogue, "I do not think that suited, I think very good." Huang Guangyu said. "I need his voice, he is the strong sense, not the big strong voice."

Appears in Huang Guangyu, Warburg Pincus Although

Finance Investment in, but actually playing the role of strategic investors. , "Meaning not the introduction of Warburg Pincus fund, Warburg Pincus to 10 billion in bank accounts are still on the useless," Wong Kwong Yu said, "The introduction of them is a business management introduced more resources, a lot of benefits to the next two to three years will gradually play a role. "

Today, Huang Guangyu more companies to consider its strategic dimension, while the country's strategy for the United States, accounting for most of his time. He said that the United States in the country, his personal power only to 10%, and the United States as the country's image

Spokesperson . In ten years ago, the figure is 90%. Huang Guangyu self-confidence, as long as the model is correct, the United States to rely on existing state

Team , And then re-form a country the United States better than the U.S. now is the powerful.

"My ideal life is the ability to work according to the point, on time and rest." Huang Guangyu of the "Financial Times" said.

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