European Smoke bullish momentum by adding new plants are mixed Bureau


As China's economic growth, improve living standards and the impact of Canton and 51, generally speaking, the kitchen electric manufacturers are in the traditional sense, although the three April off-season, but the overall production and sales but also to well over last year. Shunde

Gas Appliance

Chamber of Commerce was established.

Shunde, Deputy Mayor Mrs mirror first (right) and the new gas appliance, Shunde District, Foshan City, Ye Yuanzhang Chamber of Commerce (left) photo

April, kitchen electrical, gas was very active with industry performance. Haier Canton Fair in the spring with a great brand appeal signed a 10 million yuan in the kitchen electricity export large unit. Gas companies with thousands of "China's gas with capital" in Shunde, Foshan City Shunde District established a Gas Chamber of Commerce, Chamber of Commerce makes the gas appliance industry, the establishment of a more structured, standardized, and promote industrial upgrading and development of Shunde gas appliance.

Continental bullish momentum

smoke mixed with a small factory to join Council

According to sources, 2007, 80 million domestic and external demand

Rice cooker

7,000 million cooker, 50 million range hood and electric pressure cooker, a large number of

Microwave ovens

, Disinfecting Cabinet, gas water heaters and other kitchen appliances. Shanghai alone, the water heater in 2008,

Range hood

, Stove in the kitchen scale of market demand for electricity will reach 1.8 billion. From 2008, as bullish momentum range hoods, etc., the original people in the trade, sale of enterprises with many years of engaging in class

Home Appliances

Industry experience and vision to start planning to join electric kitchen range hoods, etc. products. HC front-line staff, according to market reaction in recent months, a dozen new power plant specializes in kitchen in Zhongshan, Shunde and Zhejiang and other places emerge, and many are engaged in European-style hood of the OEM. Analysis of data shows that not only the market looks promising hood, kitchen appliance company also sees its power industry.

Most small and medium manufacturers in Guangdong this month, the sales market are bullish, as exquisite European style hood, even more grades, higher prices, greater profits (currently a lot of suction side / near-suction hood mid-range European ex-factory price about 500 yuan in the original Chinese-style hood lingering only in the 3,400) and so on. Many manufacturers ship products to the upscale European-style range hood type mainly to open near the kitchen even call followed the European manufacturers are also mostly of opportunities hood. Ohlinger side of the hood is like one of the more successful examples, as the company once the business specializes in trade last year, electricity and the main kitchen to make a transition to promote its own brand of European side of the range hood, targeted by the positioning, excellent product quality and outstanding industrial design, makes its hood even though the products twice as expensive than the counterparts have a very good market and consumer channels.

In April, the Guangdong power plant at home in addition to small and medium sized kitchen Ohlinger, many manufacturers have made in the European range hood better than last year's sales performance, as is the promotion of Guangdong, CCTV-2 good electrical and Di mainly to OEM is amazing passing electrical current range hood industry two examples, one is pushing its own brand, one is to take professional OEM OEM route. With all their European-style hood dominance got a cup of soup.

Although the entire kitchen electric industry sales are a slight upgrade over last year, but there are also part of the kitchen electrical manufacturers, brands and other various reasons, it was rather short, after all, not a kitchen electric season in April, European-style hood Guangdong multi-volume, side suction / growing tendency in recent hood.

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