Appliances Living Museum Glanz one after another attack, "overtly" Cha

To mark the 60th anniversary of the birth of microwave world's first "microwave Festival" in China, the climax of nearly a thousand Galanz appliances all over the country living museum after another attack, is the microwave oven section into the 234 market.

The same time, a greater change around the kitchen officially opened the curtain. As these two drama co-director, Galanz is planning a birth in a microwave oven biggest change in 60 years. The ultimate goal of this change is to change the microwave oven both locate and completely changed the status of the Chinese kitchen.

Microwave oven market was a great earthquake triggered section

After a brilliant start, the Galanz the "microwave oven section of" comprehensive national level. Transfer to the ground from high-end marks the microwave oven section of the Daily and deepening. Appliance industry veteran that the microwave oven section 234 in-depth market and further enhance the Galanz brand, but also microwave ovens will further open up the market, "Blue Ocean."

According to incomplete statistics, only 1 to 3 May for three days, the national retail Galanz microwave oven is about 100 000 units, up 3 percent year over year. After the great victory achieved on May 1, to allow consumers across 23 markets will be able to enjoy the microwave at the gates of cultural feast, Galanz mobilize more than 50 subsidiaries all over the country and nearly a thousand appliances dormitory quick attack. At this point, Galanz heavily built "the first microwave oven section of" full climax.

It is understood that the various subsidiaries and appliances Galanz mobilized living museum "China Red", "PTT" and other hot-selling models, with special offers in the form of reward to attend the microwave oven section of the consumers. However, these levels of action is not the microwave oven section of all, the real meaning of Section microwave oven is 60 years of history through the changes, so that people understand the past, microwave ovens, microwave ovens and a true understanding of tomorrow. Based on this strategic goal, Galanz is brewing in the industry recently launched a series of shake-up. Time, not only consumers, many colleagues will be deeply felt the enormous influence of microwave oven section.

Galanz pushing the "second thing"

"Over the past decade, Galanz microwave oven in the Chinese market, the first thing to do, namely, by creating self-advantage, the microwave oven by the 'luxury' into a 'public commodity' to every household in the kitchen . to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the invention of the microwave oven section as an opportunity, Galanz will start to do the second thing?? to the kitchen microwave oven completely changed the face of the Chinese people to build a belongs not only to white-collar and belongs to all of the modern smoke-free kitchen. " Galanz Han Wei, general manager of China Sales Corp., told reporters.

"The future of microwave ovens will have the complete function, shape pretty, remote control, high security and a series of advantages. Can reduce red tape for people to home, saving time. But if there is no technological innovation, with the lack of open fires for cooking a large number of functions, simple microwave and other modern kitchen electric fire very difficult to replace the traditional idea of cooking utensils. "widely questioned for" Chinese consumers are used to open flame cooking Chinese food, "saying, Han Wei made the response.

Galanz recent years, many new microwave oven are fully reflect the automatic cooking functions, these multi-function microwave oven products not only have the Shandong, Guangdong, Sichuan, Zhejiang and other dishes of fried, fried, fried, steamed, boiled functions; also has a disinfecting cabinet, baking machine, juicer, kitchen appliances fresh machine function, can sterilization, food dehydration, fresh thawed, or even create scent towel, drying sweaters, etc.. And for different consumer groups, Galanz microwave products to the adding of different design of human nature.

Parallel with the function of a breakthrough, Galanz is trying to make microwave ovens will gradually develop into an integrated device modeling beautiful kitchen. Glanz will be launched this year, titanium crystal flat-panel electronic oven, electronic oven steam Chinese red series high-end products, a number of elements into fashion models have revolutionized the home appliances, "black and white" concept.

And Galanz strong R & D and actively lead the market in contrast, other microwave manufacturers still lack a clear strategic goals and vision. Most enterprises still indulge in price wars, the concept of warfare mode of competition, little corporate R & D and marketing penetration big investment.

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