Guangzhou ranks among the top 10 home appliances complaints focused on service –

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, Spent a year on the bad, and maintenance costs, may be close to or more than buying a new machine price.
China Electronics
Chamber of Commerce
Sale of electronic products
Professional Committee of the Secretary-General, said Zhou Ming, China's current consumer electronics products polarization severe service, after-sales service to enterprises with poor maintenance fees chaos there, three bags of standards difficult to implement and so on.

Reporter from Guangzhou City, the Consumer Council was informed that the home appliance industry is still included in the 2007 top 10 list of complaints, while complaints focused on product quality and poor service, poor quality of some appliance repair shops fraud and other issues. Some experts think that has been home appliances after-sale complaints remain high, mainly due to regulation is difficult to place.

Complaints focused on service

Reporter from Guangzhou City, the Consumer Council was informed that the appliance industry last year still ranked top 10 in the list of complaints. Information,
Home Appliances
And maintenance industry,
, MP machine
Product 56,
Kitchen appliances
And related equipment 45, 43 air-conditioning products,
Washing machine
17 and so on. Focus focus on product quality and poor service, poor quality
Air conditioning
Significantly increased the amount of seasonal complaints. In addition, some appliance repair shops fraud, address unknown, site maintenance fees collected, but not fix it, consumers to find no one to turn. There are several major brand home appliances chain stores posing as maintenance shops, repair of poor quality, such as posing "
States United States
"," Su Ning "and other brands of repair shops.

Reporter noted that the current appliances cases concentrated in the service area of complaint, which set off some hot topic. It is reported that the implementation of three packs of business requirements not widespread. At present, many enterprises violation of the provisions of the phenomenon of three packs. Three bags should be returned by the provisions of such aircraft or replacement of some manufacturers are making use of consumers do not understand the relevant provisions of the machine, not to the user for repair, or repair period in the package but also the user money or maintenance. There are also some projects that the current lack of business relevant testing standards, product problems, blind to pass the buck to the user.

In addition, the home appliance industry consolidation process, some brand delisting service problems after the product of concern. According to statistics, from 2006 to 2007, the year, air conditioning brands dropped from the 52 to 33, washing machine industry in the years the brand out rate of more than 50%, most of these products out of business after the company delisting consumer rights are not protected.

Also complained that consumers use the appliance fails, the repair can not understand after the real cause of failure and maintenance of content, resulting in easy to fraud consumers. At present, many service outlets have not been the maintenance qualification, resulting in consumer electronics repair industry vary greatly, and some of the more consumer goods and even more bad repair. Experts believe that regulation is difficult to place, leading companies to shirk its responsibility, which became an important factor affecting service problems.

The greatest concern flat sale

In many of the complaints, as a new type of flat panel display technology, electrical appliances, the highest level of service concerns. It is reported that the quality of flat-panel TV audio-visual product of complaints accounted for two thirds of the complaints. According to the Consumer Committee, Guangzhou case, some foreign brands of flat products at high prices, low quality problem exists.

According to reports, consumer complaints to the flat-panel TVs focused on quality and service. Among the more common quality problems with dead pixels, bright, color point, crash, speechless, image blurring,
LCD screen
Screen light leakage, uneven color, etc.. Service is mainly for the maintenance difficult. Reflects many consumers to spend thousands on a million flat screen TVs in just over a year on the bad, but manufacturers often require "fees" maintenance. The reason is that most major manufacturers have reference to the flat-panel TV repair computer
The "Three Guarantees"
Repairing only one year.

Experts call no flat-panel TV in the "three guarantees" under the provisions of the relevant departments to implement the relevant standards should be required, but companies should be responsible as a group, should allow consumers to purchase in the purchase of products fully understand the information.

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