Who Is behind the appliance price war "pay"



States United States

The new three-day Grand Huaqiang shop


None other activities, in one fell swoop led to the end of the year, Shenzhen, home appliance industry price war. Each

Home appliance chain

Store prices have sent many spies at any time by phone, text messaging hotlines, customer tirelessly to and from various


Shop around, many hotline


And products


Prices in the price "fight war" in a retreat passed on. However, the press yesterday (Dec. 4) "submarine" into the shopping center, this appears between businesses

Price war

Competition, in fact, behind the "pay" and is not just business, price cuts profits by the none other pressure through various channels, respectively, by the manufacturers and merchants


, A considerable portion is borne by manufacturers.

Manufacturers to one-third of all businesses

Huaqiang shop in the country the new U.S. sales of the fiery scene, than huge


In high-fidelity images more compelling is the goods, banners on the walls, colorful signs to close to the kinds of prices, since the price war for two days so that they sign on the ever-changing new attractive figures. To the noisy, busy


, The clear target of none other range of goods, if not clever marketing personnel guidelines, it is really not an easy task.

Samsung TV store, the sales staff told reporters that this is directly to the manufacturers and merchants of sharing profit margin marking out, as this latest 32-inch


Is the manufacturer of the specific activities of the country the United States, last Friday has just been shipped to the. He assured reporters Paizhaoxiongfu, Guangzhou definitely see this new. The identity of this TV on display: from the factory pay, 1,711 yuan price reduction; by the merchants let, send another is 500; consumers can benefit from a total of 2211 yuan.

The United States in the country


Refrigerator sales shop, several


Bright three refrigerators lined up, it is truly eye-catching. From the manufacturers of the sales staff told reporters, promotions in three years, this fridge 500 price cut has been entirely in accordance with the purchase price of sale, shopping malls to give up a refrigerator from the sale of each post in profit, but by setting up shops, on the sales end of the year off to take a certain percentage from the factory into. Moreover, in order to promote the products presented with gifts of small appliances, also purchased from the factory uniform. Subsequently, this news from their




There indirectly confirmed, although the same brand of refrigerator Suning supermarket, the price of the subject is completely different, but the sales staff has a quoted the same figures, he told reporters that this is all over the country's shopping malls Haier could sell the minimum price.

Price war hit the four patterns

An industry pointing reporters, recent home appliances business war, price wars are often reflected in four ways: direct price reductions, promotional gifts, delivery coupons, rebates from the points card. The first two are mainly manufacturers foot the bill, the latter two are mainly businessmen none other, and manufacturers are often out of the bulk. Therefore, it seems war is the business playing in the bustling mall, in fact, most of the pressure has shifted to bear the manufacturers.

Shop in the States United States Huaqiang color TV, a South Korean brand sales outlets, a customer is just one way or another alliance "

Group buy

"By sly sales staff to put pressure on the price cuts, promotions staff immediately turned to find a phone nervously:" There is a customer reported that the … … the price, you look, there really have? "Asked the person in charge completed immediately consult to find, get directions and then turn around and bargain with the customers:" We can also send little gifts, you see it work? "

When new Huaqiang GOME stores noisy and jostling throng and gradually enter the day's final sprint stage, a factory sales staff has quite reluctantly said: "What are you saying that the U.S. price? Them what conditions we can to what some of them gifts, we can get it! "

According to industry sources, like none other promotions, manufacturers often have special sales and business agreements, manufacturers come up with a certain one-time amount of funds for activities and promotions in none other, as long as the amount in the range The two sides are still profitable.

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