China's 2008 export growth sharply down home appliances

Customs statistics, in 2008 China exported 41.56 billion U.S. dollars mainly household appliances, up slightly by 5.8% growth over 2007, down 76.6 percentage points substantially.

General Administration of Customs on January 19 message, customs statistics, in 2008 China's major home appliance exports (including fans,

Air conditioning , Refrigerator , Home electric appliances, video

Washer , Washing machine , Microwave, TV, digital cameras, etc., hereinafter referred to as home appliances) 41.56 billion U.S. dollars, compared with 2007 (below) a slight increase of 5.8% growth over 2007, down 76.6 percentage points substantially. Export main features are:

A growth rate shock down the fourth quarter, exports fell sharply. Second, export-oriented processing trade. Third, the main exports to the United States, the European Union and Hong Kong. Fourth, foreign-invested enterprises as the main export.

China's current production has been the world leaders in home appliances, large appliances exported to international markets, exports accounted for more than 30%,

Small appliances Higher percentage. But since 2008, with the U.S. financial crisis triggered by the global economic turmoil, the Chinese home appliance industry has entered a period of adjustment. 2008 China's home appliance export growth fell sharply, for two main reasons: first, worsening international economic environment, external demand slowed; Second, the international green barriers and technical barriers to trade growing; third is the rising cost of production of the stress.

Response to the current severe economic situation at home and abroad, ensuring to maintain economic growth, 5 November drew up a will invest 4 trillion yuan to expand domestic demand and promote economic growth, 10 major initiatives. For the appliance industry, most attention is the "home appliances to the countryside" activities. By the end of November, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Information Ministry jointly issued a "program of promotion of home appliances to the countryside", will be bringing home appliances work of expansion to 14 provinces and cities, and rural areas in the original product

TV , Mobile phones, refrigerators on the basis of increase in the washing machine. This will stimulate the domestic market sales of household electrical appliance enterprises will play a significant role. According to the China Household Appliance Industry Association, the preliminary statistics, in the previous "home appliances to the countryside", the total sales of all household electrical appliance enterprises reached 40 billion yuan. The 2008 winning companies such as Haier, Meiling, Sichuan

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Konka And other enterprises more directly enjoy a "quick start rural markets," the sweetness, the momentum will continue unabated. With the appliance further promote the countryside, the great potential of the domestic market also attracted even more attention to home appliances giant, is bound to spark a fierce competition in the domestic appliance market.

Therefore recommends that:

First, speed up bringing home appliances projects, establish and improve the domestic market competition, focus on industry guidance and oversight to prevent the vicious price competition and other acts of unfair competition occur, to ensure the legal effectiveness of enterprises; 2, increasing industry innovation, promote core technology research and development to create effective brand, take the road of self-reliance; Third, actively exploring new markets to prevent market concentration risks.

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