Appliance Extended Service dangerous, should be promptly discarded the old appli

11 14, Xinghua public DING at home using a 9-year

Television Occurrence Spontaneous Combustion , Then the ruins of the houses were burned. Reporter yesterday

(November 19, 2007) From the city fire brigade was informed that this year, because appliance extended use of the city's fire, accounting for three percent more than the total number of fire.

The city fire brigade official told reporters, before and after 90s of last century is a city people purchase

Home Appliances A peak, and now the vast majority of household appliances have been used more than ten years, they generally enter "old age." These extended service of household appliances, due to the aging of the circuit, internal dust issues, it is apt to cause electrical short circuit, triggering fires.

According to Ms. Ding introduced on November 14 at noon, after dinner with her and the children at home watching TV and suddenly heard the TV, "pa", TV caught fire and exploded. She quickly pulled the child running down the stairs. Although they saved their lives, but the house was eventually burned ruins.

Responsible for on-site fire brigade officers and men fighting in the Xinghua said initial inference of fire is caused by the aging TV, the end result needs further investigation.

Learned that this year, the unit has found more than 10 caused the causes of the aging fire appliances.

Reporter has learned, the international home appliance industry for various types of home appliances are all useful life. For example, in Japan

TV Useful life is 8 to 10 years, electricity

Refrigerator Useful life of 13 to 16 years

Air conditioning Useful life of 10 years. However, since the last century, a time when 90's start in China during the appliance industry, the average family in the household electrical appliances is also a serious shortage, the country does not compel businesses to electrical appliances must be marked on the product use period.

In addition to the useful life of the appliance

knowledge, the Chinese traditional virtue of diligence and thrift is also an important factor leading home appliance extended service. A lotus flower district indicated that they had a TV at home has spent 16 years, have been normal. "Not any worse, when the waste thrown a pity."

City Fire Brigade of the responsible official, extended use of the appliance, it is like a hidden side of the "bomb" in the event of appropriate conditions, will light up. For its own

Security The public should be discarded in time to. "Do not order to save a little money, lose big money."

Reporter learned that, at present, the National Standardization Technical Committee is drafting appliances, "the safe use of household appliances life Regulations" (the "Rules"), and is expected to be introduced this year. It is understood that after the formal implementation of the standards will be mandatory for manufacturers of home appliance products to its safe use of the period indicated, and assume responsibility for the useful life of the accident.

Learned that the "rules" (draft) provides for the safe use of various household appliances industry standard minimum age: 8 years of television,

Washing machine 8 years, 12 years of refrigerator, air conditioning for 15 years, other

Small appliances

Most of them in 10 years.

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