Chinese home appliance industry is facing the Barrier

With China's accession to WTO,

Home Appliances Product tariff rates continue to drop, which for our appliances provided a rare opportunity for the development of China's home appliance manufacturing industry's global competitiveness has gradually improved. At present, China has been a lot of home appliances manufactured the world's first title, such as China

Air conditioning Production accounted for 32% of the world,

Washing machine 23%, 19% refrigerators. In recent years, household appliances industry quickly established a size advantage, coupled with our low-cost human resources, household electrical appliance enterprises at low prices to buy and quickly set up in the global market as represented by Chinese manufacturers a strategic advantage. A large country in the world did not rise with the rise of the manufacturing sector has a lot at the same time the world took a particular country to improve the international competitiveness of industry is not plain sailing. When the domestic appliance business as part of the price advantage in access to foreign consumers, they undermine the country imports electricity the original manufacturing interests, the world's competitors will use all means to protect their own vested interests. At present, China is becoming a household electrical appliance in some countries and regions to highly defended targets, such as anti-dumping cases occur in succession, technical barriers to trade, intellectual property disputes. 1 Road barriers are trying to limit China's home appliance products, international competitiveness, the Chinese household electrical appliance enterprises only to bypass these barriers, international road will go too long.

A household electrical appliances in China has been facing

trade barriers (1) Anti-dumping 1. Appliance industry status quo so-called anti-dumping anti-dumping, anti-dumping import refer to organs of the damage to domestic industries dumping anti-dumping duties to take measures to offset the legal consequences of the damage. As the export of home appliances in China is not high technology content, quality, low grade, most of the household electrical appliance enterprises export strategy is "extensive" the. This level of product competitors, many companies involved in some developing countries made vulnerable of traditional industries in developed countries, the resulting sharp contradictions, it is vulnerable to anti-dumping sanctions against other countries. United States, the EU is the main producing areas, the traditional home appliances, along with changes in economic structure and industrial structure, household appliances, as traditional industries in these countries the status of the economy continue to drop next. The face of inexpensive Chinese home appliance products, its market share declining, so the Chinese household electrical appliances have been Europe and the United States anti-dumping sanctions is expected, more typical example is the Europe and the United States to China

TV Initiated anti-dumping investigations. Latin America, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, ASEAN, Thailand, Malaysia, India, Turkey is producing new household appliances. These developing countries to protect their own industries in the global industrial chain in order to get more opportunities, the developed countries in the fight for market share with China, it will surely use all means, in particular anti-dumping restrictions on Chinese home appliance products into their markets, A typical example is the Turkish Air China initiated anti-dumping investigations. Traditional Chinese home appliance industry is facing the main producing areas of developed countries and developing countries in producing home appliances emerging anti-dumping sanctions, and time while small countries such as Trinidad and Tobago joined the Chinese army in anti-dumping appliances .

2. Anti-dumping impact on the Chinese household electrical appliance industry

(1) seriously undermine China's export competitiveness of home appliances, home appliances to reduce the export market. China's exports of household appliances major competitive advantage in the price, if the appliances were anti-dumping, will be to impose high anti-dumping duty, actually raising the cost of export enterprises. For example, China's color TV in the U.S. anti-dumping on

Chang , TCL, Konka, Xia Chinese anti-dumping duties imposed are: 26.37%, 21.25%, 9.69%, 5.22%. It is clear weakening of the price advantage will make some enterprises have been forced to withdraw to enter the international market.

(2) impact on the household electrical appliance enterprises with foreign investment confidence is not conducive to the healthy development of foreign household electrical appliance enterprises in China's household electrical appliance enterprises to invest in one hand, China's huge consumer electronics market moving from one hand to the low through China labor costs to the occupation of other country markets. But in recent years, due to anti-dumping charges in other countries, these foreign-invested enterprises have gradually lost their overseas market share. This is bound to endanger the economic interests of foreign investors and affect the confidence of its investment in China. Well-known foreign investment in Chinese household electrical appliance enterprises can bring advanced technology and management experience, which is lacking in China's household electrical appliance enterprises.

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