June 24 acquisition of Heilongjiang market dynamics of soybean – soybean – Food

Linkou purchase price of soybean oil plant 1.79 yuan, over version 3.0 sieve, the Village of goods gross grain 1.75-1.76 yuan, grain purchase price of 1.85 yuan points commodity beans, over version 4.0 sieve, prices remain stable, the current basic small local soy stocks, acquisition increasing difficulty, and many have begun to suspend food point […]

Flow of medium and large household appliances shop brewing joint Yongle New Chan

Beijing and Shanghai in the home appliance chain giant?? Dazhong and Yongle Electric Appliance has announced the two companies set up in Xi'an and Qingdao, a joint venture was officially launched Operation . This will be regarded as a regional appliance chain bitter response Competition , Joint initiatives to increase the weight.   In Business […]

"Lock" housing owners on how to spy theft auto market – car alarm – Au

For many owners, the car thieves is that they most want to catch the "spy", the thieves usually hidden in the big parking lot, to seize the owner's negligence, or looted valuables inside the car, or simply with with the stolen car. In fact, the battle of wits and car thief is also a science, […]

"Chinese wok capital" With production standards – china Stone texture

Institute of Standards and Technology from the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Luchuan County Quality and Technical Supervision, Luchuan County wok Industry Association and other units responsible for drafting the "Lu Chuan wok" validation by local standards in Guangxi. The standard will be published in Guangxi recommended the implementation of local standards, to fill the blank […]

Farmer income growth will lead to market growth of rural household appliances

20 years of China's rural reform, income levels and living standards of farmers have a substantial increase in 2007 net income of farmers reached 4,140 yuan per capita. Meanwhile, rural consumption expenditure continued to grow steadily since 2004, the growth rate has remained at over 10% in 2006, the average rural household consumption expenditure per […]