Flow of medium and large household appliances shop brewing joint Yongle New Chan

Beijing and Shanghai in the home appliance chain giant?? Dazhong and Yongle Electric Appliance has announced the two companies set up in Xi'an and Qingdao, a joint venture was officially launched
. This will be regarded as a regional appliance chain bitter response
, Joint initiatives to increase the weight.

Department announced the 2005 national top 30 chain enterprises, Shanghai Yongle Home
Device Ltd ranked 10th, a total of 199 stores, in
Approximately 15 billion yuan. Beijing Dazhong Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. will hold 50% market share, there are hundreds of stores across the country.

Under Yongle electrical appliance and large and medium agreement signed by the two sides will set up in Xi'an and Qingdao, accounting for 50% interest in a joint venture between the two regions share the operating profits, a common risk.

Yongle Home Appliances chairman Chen Xiao said in an interview that this "new partnership" will not only help to improve both the region's competitiveness for new, accelerated expansion, but also avoids unnecessary vicious competition to "promote rational competition."

Insiders pointed out that despite the large and medium, respectively, occupy Yongle, Beijing, Shanghai
Appliance Retail
Half of the market, but both were late starting the national expansion of chain size has been lagging behind
States United States
. This time together, zoom scale, especially in accessible areas are not yet strong, competitive weight will be increased.

"At present, first-tier cities and some second-tier cities
Including store locations, including various resources have been divvied up finished. "The State Council Development Research Center of the market, said Lu Renbo, deputy director of the Institute, from a nationwide perspective, even home appliances
Potential market development is still much room; from major cities and regions, home appliance chain enterprises to withstand the competitive pressure is already very heavy. "Dazhong and Yongle's cooperation, is under enormous competitive pressure should move."

"2000 2005 is a home appliance chain industry's 'golden period' shop will be able to make money!" Shanghai AC electric appliance business trade association, said the Secretary-General Han Jianhua, Shanghai as an example only, home appliance chain industry annual sales to about 13% annually. "But now, this 'golden period' over."
AC electric appliance business
Shanghai Industry Association statistics show that in 2006 Chinese New Year holiday, Shanghai appliance sales totaled 450 million yuan, an increase of 8.6%. During the Spring Festival of 2005 sales growth of 11.6% compared to an increase of 3 percentage points down.

"First-tier cities in China, home appliance chain industry in the circulation of 'domination' of the situation has been basically formed. Meanwhile, the first joint venture, then purchased the 'warm boiled frog' pattern, some small-scale home appliance chain enterprises have also been gradual annexation. "Han Jianhua prediction, a short time, several major domestic home appliance chain giant will be difficult to separate the competition between the par.

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