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For many owners, the car thieves is that they most want to catch the "spy", the thieves usually hidden in the big parking lot, to seize the owner's negligence, or looted valuables inside the car, or simply with with the stolen car. In fact, the battle of wits and car thief is also a science, with high-tech Car alarm Product, do give their car a more "locked."

Reporter visited found on the market today Car Anti-theft products spread widely, from 100 yuan to 3,000 yuan price of all. Both simple mechanical alarm, but also some of the high-grade Electronic Alarm, there is more technology GPS Alarm. However, these security tools have their own drawbacks: mechanical anti-theft is not only anti-theft alarm; electronic anti-theft easily false; GPS price is too high. Reporter consulted some professionals, they introduced some comfort that allows owners of the latest technology in car security.

Tactics against a ridge Remote mobile remote control Say many of the functions of mobile phones, in addition to calls, SMS, Internet, stock other than, you know, it can deal with the thieves? Recently, the reporter's car alarm at Changchun, the market saw that a call button buttoned remote remote technology.

This product to participate in this year held in Changchun, Northeast Asia Economic and Trade Fair, the industry welcomed greatly. Dealer Majing Li Description: Now the car thieves are very powerful, from a flashlight, scissors and other small tools to jammers, Decoder Other high-tech means, on average about 3 minutes you can steal a car. He's such a remote distribution technology mobile phone remote control car can say security is very high.

News site to watch the demonstration, when the "car thief" through illegal channels into the car, the owner first received a "suspicious persons entering your car, check vehicle" warning message. When the "car thieves" forced launch vehicle, the owner once again receive the warning message, then call the main information center owners, give directions to car stalled. Demonstration vehicles automatically turn off in 3 seconds, even holding the key to open the owner can not be launched, followed by unlocking the information center, the car then everything is normal.

Price range: 2000 yuan Anti-ridge tricks 2 Car images, sounds real-time monitoring Many owners after the car stolen by a lack of field evidence, can only rely on memory to tell the story about stolen things and processes, as car thieves in the facial characteristics is unknown. The news in the market to see a high-tech security products, let car theft were nowhere to hide.

This technology product, installed in the vehicle interior, after the car when the car thieves, car thieves camera captured the first photos, and transmitted to mobile phone owners, so that after the police have evidence. Monitoring function is more simple, just used his mobile phone number to connect with the safety car, you can immediately listen to the voice inside to facilitate the monitoring after the stolen vehicle.

To keep track of the location of their vehicles can also be set by an external view satellite map, not only can clearly see the vehicle location, you can see its status as driving or stationary, error rate of no more than 2 meters. A spectator of the public to read it with a smile, told reporters: "This can be easily woven, but insurance companies will sell from time after a Daoqiang Xian. In the past to be alert to look for stolen cars, and now know the car a little mouse in which than the police have cattle. "

Price range: 4000 yuan Anti-ridge tricks 3 Car body video safety detection system
This system is currently not common in Changchun, but the South has been applied to many luxury cars. The body of the vehicle detection system, the largest video security feature is detected around six placed in the body through the video around the probe body can be clearly seen around 360 degrees all the circumstances, some hiding in the rear preparation theft of the people, this could be the most powerful of the "piercing eyes", of course, owners can also phone in real-time view of the circumstances surrounding their car are safe.

Price range: 6000 yuan

Every winter, especially during the holiday season, car theft and car articles are missing the high season. Especially in northeast winter long, cold temperatures, many simply rely on the car alarm sound alarm, the owner can not be bothered in the cold winter, again and again down the stairs to see your car safety, car thieves is the use of this a psychological characteristic, easily stolen vehicles, and several reporters about the latest security technology, hoping to make your car more secure in the winter.

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