June 24 acquisition of Heilongjiang market dynamics of soybean – soybean – Food

Linkou purchase price of soybean oil plant 1.79 yuan, over version 3.0 sieve, the Village of goods gross grain 1.75-1.76 yuan, grain purchase price of 1.85 yuan points commodity beans, over version 4.0 sieve, prices remain stable, the current basic small local soy stocks, acquisition increasing difficulty, and many have begun to suspend food point watching. Soybean oil

Peony Jiang Xinfu purchase price of 1.80 yuan a long, down 2 points from last week or so, reflecting the acquisition of oil plant is not an ideal situation, less than 100 ton every day.

Muling gross regional food grain purchase price of 1.80-1.81 points per product, recent prices have been stable, reflecting the recent acquisition of food points, very unsatisfactory situation, farmers surplus rare, acquired a substantial amount of shrinkage, grain point to go the delivery relative to the average, Once the post-tension supply, local prices are expected to slightly higher.

Ning Liang Point area purchase price of goods beans 1.83-1.84 yuan, 1.85 yuan in high-quality, trend remains stable, by the State Reserve to sell on, some traders began to appropriate shipping surplus scarce as farmers, traders most suspend.

Soybean market dynamics in Harbin Binxian region: oil bean sieve grain purchase price of 1.79-1.8 point over 2.0 yuan / kg, and flat front. It has been learned, the recent price instability, acquisition of active traders is not high.

Yilan County Area: State Reserve standard purchase price of 1.72 yuan Endangering gross grain / kg of grain over 2.5 points clear sieve grain purchase price of 1.8 yuan / kg, and remained stable early. It is reported that local farmers Shouzhong little as soybeans, traders bought more difficult, basically in the suspend state.

Shuangyashan regional soybean market dynamics Endangering Baoqing area of soybean grain purchase price of 1.65-1.66 yuan Mao, about 4 minutes down the previous period, mainly destined for neighboring plant, a local recent rains frequently, the beginning Jianxiu stop oil plant acquisition, market purchase and sale of light, because soybean in a slightly downward trend, some farmers began to hurry to sell, but buyers into the market enthusiasm was not high. There're still few local food purchase, over 3.0 sieve purchase price 1.76 yuan, traders do not want more inventory, only a few tons per day.

Jiamusi soybean market dynamics Tangyuan County: Endangering the local grain prices in the 1.72-1.73 Mao Yuan / Jin, grain cleaning price point in the 1.82-1.83 Yuan / Jin, acquisitions difficult, traders Shouzhong soybean 500-600 tons, mainly sold to Shanghai-based.

Soybean market dynamics Heihe region Sun Wu regional grain purchase price of 1.83 yuan points commodity beans, over 4.5 sieve, oil factory Guapai Jia 1.76 yuan, off 2.0 sieve, were down 2 points or so, the local grain remains tight, drop a small space.

Wudalianchi regional gross food grain purchase price of soybean oil point 1.72 yuan, down 1 point or so, mainly affected by the price cut oil plant, tower selection gross grain purchase price 1.78-1.79 yuan, up slightly about 1 minute, affected by the shortage of surplus Soybean is still more difficult to acquire. Regional soybean market dynamics


Keshan: Endangering the ancient northern town of gross grain prices in the 1.78-1.80 yuan / Jin, cleaning food points (over 4.0 screen) prices in the 1.82-1.83 yuan / Jin, dropped out a few days ago the price down 0.01 -0.02 RMB / Jin. Traders to reflect the local grain storage has 7,000 tons of tasks not completed, but the grain depots in recent days have close to 50 vehicles line up in front of farmers Mailiang Enthusiasm, lower prices will inevitably lead to the proper behavior of traders.

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