"Chinese wok capital" With production standards – china Stone texture

Institute of Standards and Technology from the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Luchuan County Quality and Technical Supervision, Luchuan County wok Industry Association and other units responsible for drafting the "Lu Chuan wok" validation by local standards in Guangxi. The standard will be published in Guangxi recommended the implementation of local standards, to fill the blank of similar products in Guangxi region. This means that, Guangxi Luchuan County that "the Chinese wok capital" finally has a unified production standards.
    It is understood that, according to the present QB/T3648-1999 "cast iron pot," the industry standard has not fully reflect the technical requirements Luchuan wok. In order to uphold and carry forward the traditional wok Luchuan edge technology and industry, standardized and unified technical requirements wok Lu Chuan, 2006, the quality supervision departments in Guangxi began to develop, "Lu Chuan wok" Guangxi standard items. After the standard 15 Luchuan County wok manufacturers, and in 18 of Yulin City Municipal Quality and Technical Supervision, quality control, the other a total of 50 units to solicit opinions, modified to add sound stage.
    According to reports, the production of Guangxi Luchuan County wok, renowned at home and abroad. Lu Chuan County, 15 iron pots manufacturers existing annual production capacity of 200 million pan over 2 billion yuan output value, is one of Luchuan county's traditional industries. County in 2006 by the National Productivity Centre Daily Hardware industry as a "capital of Chinese wok." Lu Chuan iron pots are easy to clean, good toughness, durability and many other advantages.

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