Local brands, "Big Brother" Li Ning in 2009 revenues of 8.387 billion

Li Ning released about five hours after the report, international sporting goods giant Nike has also released the latest quarterly reports, earnings data as the time "around the feet," local brand "Big Brother" transnational giants Nike and Li Ning in China's power the gap has reached almost the same level. Li Ning report shows that […]

Suning insured Union: 10 million units priced air

Last weekend, Suning Ninth National Air conditioning High-profile opening of the festival, two days, the total air conditioner sales in Nanjing more than 35 million yuan, Suning Appliance this week from other regions of the mobilization of 100,000 air conditioners running Nanjing market. Air boss Nanjing Suning this measure in turn lead to a wave […]

Flashed generous hidden behind the lower prices of domestic LCD

the price cut may not lower prices may be loss selling more??? Overview Home Appliances Store, in the call price reductions every year, have steadily discount tide. However, this made the end of 2008 LCD TV Reduction is indeed can be called history's "generous." Surprisingly, as always, the price cuts are presented in this unexpected […]

Candy King's new road: from monkey to monkey glutton

Shanghai Golden Monkey Group Co., Ltd. Chairman Paul Chiu three of this year has been 61 years. 30 years ago, he organized a loss of community facility turnaround, and now, golden monkey assets of 1.3 billion, 6,000 employees, is a leader in the confectionery industry. Late last year, snub-nosed monkey has to get into the […]

Fujian: New rules put down digital TV fee – pay digital TV, digital TV set-top b

< BR> Since November 1, the Fujian Provincial Cable TV Maintenance costs the user's ratings remain unchanged, while the smart card will no longer be a separate fee, set-top box prices have decreased. This is the Fujian Provincial Price Bureau recently issued a document relating to cable television brought effects. <BR> Price not only by […]