Comments: one week (April 12

Liang Zhaoxian:


Now part of the adoption of the lifetime employment system.

?? "Glanz Liang Zhaoxian: lifetime employment system can ease the shortage of workers"

Comments: This year, the "labor shortage" has become a problem can not be ignored. Labor shortage problem in the search for fundamental solutions, Glanz has been partially adopted the lifetime employment system. Liang Zhaoxian said Galanz establishment 32 years ago, very few take the initiative


Employees if they are not suitable for this position, and would consider offering job-change to help employees find a real job for him. Moreover, in 2008


Crisis, Galanz no layoffs. Meanwhile, fixed investment Galanz more than 10 million yuan each year for the old and new staff training, are imitating the Japanese lifetime employment system. This idea is worth corporate learning professionals, retain talent that will contribute to the development of business a long time.

Xu Dongsheng: "

Washing Machine

Will continue to drive the industry towards the high wash washing machine, high intelligence, low-carbon direction of environmental protection, which is the industry's future development. "

?? "Xu Dongsheng:" two high and one low "strategy dominate the washing machine"

Comments: With the


Emission reduction, low-carbon consumption concept in depth, drum washing machine known for its clean degrees, wash uniformity, intelligence, humanity, energy and water conservation technologies such as outstanding performance segment, many consumers increasingly choice. At present, the washing machine product mix in the secondary market has undergone great changes, which, drum washing machine market share in the rapidly rising, the future will more and more consumers choose to accept and roller products, simply because its very obvious low wear rates and high saving rates. Xu Dongsheng said that in the current domestic drum machine market, foreign brands at a competitive advantage in the case, the local enterprises to take the initiative, the courage to "collapsed", will enrich the market roller product supply and technology to enhance and promote the domestic washing machine market to achieve an overall upgrading of the structure, speed up the upgrading Drum general


Ratio, and to profoundly affect the future competitive landscape washing machine market.

Ho, vice president of Gome Group, Yang Qing said: "Our forces are probably modest, but the trickle of water, finally converging into a river. We love the staff, hoping to bring disaster compatriots, is the confidence and strength to overcome the disaster!"

?? "Country first show love hit the southwest U.S. to donate 250 tons of relief rice"

Comments: April 15,


Group of Yunnan Province to the most affected first donation of 250 tons of relief rice. At the donation ceremony, Ho, vice president of Gome Group, said Yang Qing, Gome since its inception in 1987 to 23 years, has always insisted on "puerile,


At the head "business philosophy, to serve the public, by the consumers love. At the same time improve the quality of life of consumers, Gome also actively fulfill our social responsibility, practice the public welfare, contribute to society. Participate in public welfare undertakings and as the industry leader, Gome stores more active in promoting environmental protection, low-carbon, energy-efficient home appliances products, promote conservation in the whole society's way of life, and in the procurement of high technology products, environmental protection, low-carbon as the first element.

In Yee Peng Yu, director of market research, said, "out of a direct subsidy to corporate cost pressures, this year 51 will be the two fixed-speed air-conditioned 'last feast' season price war is inevitable."

?? "51 during the two fixed-frequency air-conditioning will stage" The Last Supper ""

Comments: With the June 1 implementation of new standards for energy efficiency approaches, the original frequency of two air-conditioning will be out of energy subsidies range, expert analysis, this year 51 such products during the holiday period will be "The Last Feast "The price war is inevitable promotion season. Currently, the majority of domestic air conditioning companies make the transition have been prepared, the United States, and Hisense Kelon, high, etc. The following has been fully stopped two air conditioners. Gree also as early as last month had all cleared 7-8 4 and 5 fixed-frequency air conditioning energy efficiency stocks. Gree currently marketing products, energy efficiency, one and two fixed speed air conditioning accounted for more than 80%. Inverter air conditioner development unstoppable.

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