Sanitary purchase Note

More and more consumers to buy bathroom product is not only concerned about price, quality, service, brand awareness is more concerned about the reputation and business. If the business or remain in the seller's business philosophy in the past, will certainly competitive disadvantage, even ruthlessly eliminated by the market, sanitary industry into brand marketing era.

Enhance the concept of competitive high-end brand market

Secretary-General of the Chinese Kitchen Works Committee, said Gao Yan: China has become the world's largest bathroom products consumer market, many domestic sanitary ware brand performance and quality to meet or exceed the foreign brands, however, TOTO, American Standard and other foreign funds sanitary ware brand strength using strong and high brand awareness, almost monopolized the high-end sanitary ware market in China. Except for historical reasons, China is not strong corporate brand awareness is an important reason leading to this situation.

Many companies have said in an interview, "low prices, high quality" is their current business philosophy. Some bathroom companies make full use of promotions to attract consumers desire to buy. Thus, from the second quarter of this year, a large bathroom industry price war, the trend was intensified, and even a rare low-cost 199 yuan toilet. This price is clearly lower than production costs, but the brand must not only equal to sales.

There currently the largest sanitary industry errors are: the business equivalent to the brand. In fact, the brand can be independent of the spirit of the factory class of property, it belongs to you, you can also belong to other people. There are many companies with good products mistake, there will be a great brand big factories, the majority of resources into concrete things up, but do not want to do investment in brand marketing.

Identify the precise positioning marketing

Brand is an effective tool to compete, but also the tools to achieve business value and the carrier, not a luxury but necessary choice. Brand positioning is the most important issue the operation, but also the future development of corporate strategic issues. Facts have proved that the enterprise has never been outside their range, and no all-encompassing brand. Flooding and flooding in the information age products, accurate positioning of the brand can only be consumer awareness and choice.

    Through the study of international brands, and with reference to current market structure point of view, the future development of sanitary industry in China will be a number of trends: First, a few will appear in the "comprehensive sanitary ware brand," the second will be a "professional brand "Third, there are" personalized bathroom brand. "

Bergatt sanitary marketing head, said: "Skeleton Demon" class in the hope of using an international standard products, but their economic strength has not Xiaofei quite high-end products, can often be the pursuit of "marginalized", such as purchasing a large well-known inside the relatively low price brand products, special offers and so on. Therefore, many products can be organically combined to allow this class to friends both affordable, they are "petty bourgeoisie" satisfaction.

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