Prices of home appliances rose one after another in between 5%

Refrigerators, washing machines, kitchen appliances such as starting price adjustment, price increases of 5%? 15%, being not of the affected TV 1 shopping mall home appliances and consumer Liu regret: early bullish, not eager to buy an AO Smith water heater, the price has changed, a more expensive than the original 500. Large Straight Street […]

"Appliance rental" the rise of the market remains to be nurturing – Ap

Recently, Home Appliances Lease in the domestic debut. Well, that is the way the financial crisis will not be a new choice of consumers? Is not the appliance business to a new channel for clean-up stock it? Currently, home appliances stocks high. To consume these stocks, companies have increased efforts to lower prices, and some […]

Yongle: stocking billion on Sept. 17 battle Beijing city

Officially opened. Opening new stores in accordance with the practice of Paradise, will be launched tonight, the night market Fangzhuang shop. On the same day, States United States 6th store in South City store will be opening Guanganmen plans to launch 80,000 units the same day special machine. Home appliance chain The Rush in South […]

Phone warranty "sick" Who can guarantee the final say – Samsung mobile

Phone In Warranty Within the failure by consumers to get merchant Service Institutions warranty, sometimes maintenance organizations have to "give manufacturers 'identification' is a human error" as an excuse, no warranty. If consumers are challenged, often business "difficulties." So, mobile phone failure or quality problems are man-made, are by their own business or cell phone […]

GOME Huang Guangyu urgent cash 1,900,000,000 as swallow Sanlian trading companie

BY Pastoral daily economic news Powerful reverberations flat Triple Trading Company Battle or onwards climax. Yesterday (April 21, 2008) was informed that Beijing Light Huatian Cheng, chairman Zhu Rai to give up bidding for Triple Trading Company Equity and boasted For help Sanlian Group recapture Sanlian trading companies largest shareholders place, while GOME Huang Guangyu […]