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Name: Jimmy Fairbank
About the Author: I am a Mortgage Broker based out of West Vancouver and Seattle. I enjoy writing and blogging about various financial services and investments. In my spare time I like to sail my 20' Catalina 445.

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Reasons Why Paying Off Your Mortgage Faster Is Not Always A Great Idea

One of the most important accomplishments that an individual could make is to own their own home outright. You would save more money on interest the sooner your mortgage is paid off. You could take years off your loan by taking several easy steps which will help make sure you are paying off your mortgage […]

Different Types of Jobs of A Mortgage Broker

The job of a mortgage broker is to act as a liaison between the financial institution and the client to negotiate a mortgage loan contract. On behalf of businesses or other people, the broker would sell the mortgage loans to people who best fit the criteria for the specific product. They consider the clients finances […]

Mortgage Terms – Know The Best Package Which Meets Your Needs

When you apply for a mortgage, it is essential that you know the vocabulary that applies to it. There are a variety of alternatives available and it is the task of the mortgage broker to make certain that their customers know everything their mortgage has to provide. Here are several basic mortgage terminology that would […]

Different Mortgage Terms Frequently Utilized In Real Estate Deals

Prior to entering into a long-term binding contract, every client has to understand what the various mortgage terms mean. This is a list which covers the basic terminology that are frequently utilized in a mortgage contract. Amortization Amortization is the payment schedule that establishes the duration and payments of your loan. It separates the loan […]

Other Forms Of Services Which A Mortgage Broker Performs

Acquiring the help of a mortgage broker is a good decision, particularly if you are a first time buyer. They could offer access to a large variety of mortgage products to make sure that you find the ideal mortgage for your financial situation. The loan package is sent by the mortgage broker soon after your […]