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Name: Jimmy Fairbank
About the Author: I am a Mortgage Broker based out of West Vancouver and Seattle. I enjoy writing and blogging about various financial services and investments. In my spare time I like to sail my 20' Catalina 445.

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Mortgage Rates And Terms Which Can Actually Help Customers Select The Right Deal

Terms The term of a mortgage means the duration of time a lender would loan mortgage funds to a borrower. This length is usually 2 to 5 years, though it ca be from 6 months to 10 years. Usually, the shorter the mortgage term period, the lower the interest rate is and the less it […]

Why It Is Truly Better To Utilize The Assistance Of A Mortgage Broker

It is often a very frustrating and exhausting task to attempt and sift through all the existing mortgage packages and deals by yourself. With a lot of choices available, it might prove difficult to find the best mortgage for your circumstances, budget and needs. Rather than wasting an incredible amount of time deciphering real estate […]

General Info Regarding The Mortgage Brokerage Business Within Canada

Within Canada it is the provincial government who establishes the laws which regulate mortgage brokerage. Mortgage brokerage businesses within nearly all provinces must carry a provincial license. There are three major insurance companies in the country which insure high ratio loans: Genworth Financial, Canada Guaranty and Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation. The Canadian Association of […]

General Information About How To Pay Back Your Mortgage Quicker

There are several specific stuff you can do to lessen the cost of borrowing and shorten the duration of your mortgage. There are numerous benefits to shortening your mortgage. The main advantage is that you will end up paying less for the cost of borrowing the money. It is possible to free up money for […]

All You Have To Know About The Different Jobs Of Mortgage Brokers

The mortgage broker’s responsibility is to be the liaison between the client or borrower and the financial lending institution is the process of negotiating a mortgage loan deal. The broker sells the mortgage loans to the individual borrowers on behalf of the businesses, based on the best criteria fit for a particular product. They take […]