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Name: Jimmy Fairbank
About the Author: I am a Mortgage Broker based out of West Vancouver and Seattle. I enjoy writing and blogging about various financial services and investments. In my spare time I like to sail my 20' Catalina 445.

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How Your Credit Report Could Really Help You Purchase A Home

The summary of your credit history which proves how often you pay your financial loans is referred to as your credit report. This report shows personal and employment info as well as credit account info. Having a good credit history and good credit score are extremely vital when buying a home or property of any […]

Mortgage Broker Commission

Acting as the liaison between a lending institution and people who are seeking mortgages is known as a mortgage broker. The broker fee is normally received by the broker upon the completion of the arrangement and is a commission that is paid by the borrower. This amount is normally charged as a percentage of the […]

Who’s Job Is It To Pay For The Closing Costs

The are several extra charges when obtaining real estate which add to the overall purchase price of the house. These costs are often called closing costs. Usually, closing costs are the responsibility of the buyer and should be paid before closing a real estate deal. Then again, the seller may decide to pay for some […]

Know More About The Deal – Ask Your Mortgage Broker These Questions

The mortgage broker will initially be tasked with evaluating your financial requirements, before suggesting appropriate loans. In order for the right kind of loan to be selected, factors such as the term of the loan and the types of interests rates should be considered. Speak with your broker and have them explain the different kinds […]

Pick An Independent Mortgage Broker And Obtain The Best Deal

Picking an independent mortgage brokers provides numerous advantages to the borrower. Lenders are offering new options, deals and features every day that could make the task of picking the best arrangement more difficult. The competition amongst lenders is ruthless. Nowadays, more than one in five mortgages in Canada is handled by a mortgage broker. Increasingly […]