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All American Ideas: The Power of Advertising

Advertising is a very powerful form of communication and it has been proven for so many decades. If done the right way, it has the potency to encourage people to make a move and do what they are making them do. Persuasion is the key to every piece or form of advertisement. Aside from the […]

What Did Dr. Paul Frymoyer Learn From The Malawians?

When Dr. Paul Frymoyer was in Africa, he spent almost the entire day on duty as a physician. He has flown twice in Malawi, Africa to provide medical assistance to the people through hospital and clinic visits. He also gave a lecture at Daeyang Luke Hospital to share his knowledge on AIDS nephropathy essential for […]

Looking Back On Ali Ghalambor’s Outstanding Career In Petroleum Engineering

Ali Ghalambor is one of the most promising petroleum engineers in the country during the seventies while he was fresh out of college. Now that he is a retired professor, looking back on the timeline of his career will surely impress anybody. From a promising youngster hungry for education, he is now an illustrious licensed […]

How The Don Bullard Insurance Stands Out From The Rest

When it comes to providing a wide range of insurance policies, packages and programs, only one name has been recognized and sought after in the state of North Carolina and other areas such as Jacksonville, Leland and Calabash. The firm goes by the name Don Bullard Insurance, for more than 30 years and counting, the […]

Inside the World of Candis Kinkus

As the most effective administrative director, Candis A. Kinkus has built a reputation of being able to provide opportunities for creating and promoting services in the Vanderbilt University Medical Center or VUMC. She is also well known for making and facilitating operative communication structure thus empowering her team which, in turn, builds the state the […]