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Name: Mattias Lind
About the Author: Mattias Lind is CEO at Ltd, The B2B Market Place for Business Software that includes business software for numerous categories and offers the possibility for purchasers to find software and also compare software that suits their company the best.

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What Is Supply Chain Management (SCM)?

Supply Chain Management (SCM), including among all Warehouse Management and Inventory Management, is the management of services and products that are to be delivered to customers. Supply Chain Management includes everything from storage and all movements of the products and all all parts contained in the products, including all work processes performed to get the […]

What Is Auto Management?

Auto Management, also commonly called Automotive Management, is the management of services around vehicle management. Auto Management includes management for auto repair shops, car and truck dealers, rentals, body shops and more. So, for a normal person, Auto Management is management of everything that has to do with cars, trucks and other vehicles. This is […]

What Is Cost Management?

Cost Management is the process of planning and keeping track of costs in the organization. Cost management should be obvious for most organizations to make sure that individual projects as well as the overall operations move according to plans. Over all, a well implemented cost management strategy will help to reduce costs for production of […]

What Is CRM (Customer Relationship Management)?

CRM is short for Customer Relationship Management and is the strategy for managing communication and all interactions with your customers and prospects. The main goal with having a good strategy for CRM is to be able to find and attract new customers as well as to retain a good relationship with your current customers to […]

What Is A Service Desk?

A Service Desk is an IT resource for organizations working with ITSM (IT Service Management) as defined in ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library). The Service Desk is intended to be the Single Point of Contact (SPOC) towards the customers of the IT department, usually the users in the company. A Service Desk can easily be mistaken […]