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About the Author: Scroll Cards is the traditional Indian Invitation of the Kings and Queens. Also, known as the Farman (Indian word for scroll), we have revived the ages old scrolls and present them in amazing reincarnated forms. Have a look at our royal scroll invitations to believe this.

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Wedding Invitation Printing Options

Today printing techniques have developed to new zeniths resulting in some of the best printing options available. The improvement in printing techniques has influenced wedding invitation printing as well. Where it was only the offset printing option available, there is the engraving, thermography and lot more printing options available. However, the printing options choice depends […]

Shadi cards – latest designs cards for every design need

With the advancement in technology, new designs for Shadi cards are coming up ranging from ethnic to modern. The theme of marriage is often displayed through wedding cards and is communicated as well. You dream and it is realized with the latest designer cards. Depending on the choice of the family, such cards are created […]

Importance of Business Card Printing Services

A business card can serve as a perfect marketing tool. It is extremely essential as it creates the first impression about your company. Most of the companies understand the importance of business cards, but they can make serious mistakes while getting their business cards printed. One mistake could be designing a business card in such […]

Designer Salwar Kameez – Rock the party

The traditional Indian dress Salwar Kameez has taken new forms with the advancement of designing techniques and the effect of globalization. Especially these designer dresses are meant for parties or marriage ceremonies. Women specially order these for parties and wedding occasions and every inch of it is uniquely designed and the work is also specially […]

Scroll Invitations – class apart wedding cards

When planning a wedding everything needs to be perfect, people want their wedding to be unique and different as this is the day which will be cherished forever. This urge of planning a unique kind of wedding ignites various ideas, having a royal kind of wedding is one of them. If the wedding is based […]