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The 4 Ways Deep Breathing Techniques Will Make A Difference With Gout

Deep Breathing Techniques are beneficial for every human health condition. The body completely depends on the quality and skill of our breathing to supply oxygen to the brain, organs, tissues and muscles. The quality of our lives, our overall health and wellness, and our life span are all directly related to how well our lungs […]

Gout And Celiac Disease: What Is The Connection?

Gout and Celiac Disease . . . Is There A Connection? There has always been a considerably amount of speculation about whether or not Celiac and Gout share a common thread. There are several well-known symptoms and/or shared health problems of both of them. Among them are indications of Autoimmune Disorders, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and Bone […]

Baking Soda For Gout: Why Take Drugs?

Bicarbonate of Soda, bread soda, cooking soda, sodium bicarbonate, sodium carbonate… all names for Baking Soda. What is Baking Soda? Here’s what you will find at Wikipedia: Sodium bicarbonate is a white solid that is crystalline but often appears as a fine powder. It has a slightly salty, alkaline taste resembling that of washing soda […]

Why Antioxidant Rich Foods Are So Good For Gout

Gout is not nearly as mysterious as the pharmaceutical companies would like us to believe it is. The buildup of acids and Uric Acid are a result of the Oxidative Damage or Free Radical Damage that compromises the function of the Cell Wall or Membrane. In past articles, the subject of Acidosis has been reviewed […]

Does Lead Poisoning Cause Gout?

Lead Poisoning and Gout; A Look at History. For thousands of years, mining Lead has been a well-known part of history. It has taken on many uses and forms throughout time and is extensively documented that the poisonous and toxic exposure has lethal consequences. Many of the body tissues and systems such as the intestines, […]