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Bride hair style introduction of six

Wedding photography studio in the design of Chongqing hair, the hair, veil or hairpins can play the role of icing on the cake, lit the overall shape of the moment. In this for you for six wedding day hairstyle hair accessories program, now and find a most suitable for your hair, so that the overall […]

Wedding dress collection techniques

What is the dress preserved? That is, through a special cleaning and packaging technology to maintain the original dress. A professional dress preservation experts will first check your dress material, accessories and all kinds of stains, and then customize a special cleaning procedures. After cleaning, he would dress better on the folding box. Love knot […]

Winter wedding 7 do not

The wedding is not really patent the spring and summer, more and more couples choose this wedding in the winter “low season” organized ceremony. Winter There are many unique advantages of the wedding, in short, there are many reasons for love winter wedding, winter wedding 7 do not understand the criteria! 1 do not: welcome […]

The perfect wedding entertainment actress Selina large inventory of wedding

Selina has been media attention on October 31 wedding, Selina Cheng in the dress and the groom also will be exposed. This year is really a marriage boom, selina, Coco Lee, Fan Fan, Tai S, Karen Mok, Stefanie Sun, Xie Na, Dong Xuan, Chen few, Sun Li … Now let us enjoy the happiness of […]

Wedding photographs of fully prepared

First, select the wedding: 1. The best method is to choose wedding started to look at several, shop around. But do not target one without a comparison, the final decision based on experience of many new factors are: go tired, so decided to look almost like losing to shop around … … the original intent […]