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Chinese Girls: Sexual Discrimination and Harassment At Workplace

Among the numerous challenges that majority of chinese girls pursuing careers of their choice have to face, the issue of sexual harassment is perhaps the most stressful and detrimental. Chinese work culture in general, is extensively male centered and hence it is not unusual for young Chinese females to face difficulties while adapting to their […]

Dating Chinese Girls – Learning About The Ten Tokens Of Love (Part 1)

For most Chinese females, becoming involved in a romantic relationship, whether online or in the real world is not just another casual act. In fact, a majority of Chinese girls consider it to be the unofficial confirmation of the intention of spending their entire life with their partners. While most men choosing to date Chinese […]

Tang Dynasty- A Golden Era For Ancient Chinese Girls

If one were to choose the most glorious years in the history of ancient China, the era of Tang dynasty would undoubtedly top the list. During this era, China attained progress and stability and the status of Chinese girls within the society and family was much better than in the periods before or after this […]

Chinese Girls And Their Role In Ancient Marriage Traditions

In Chinese culture, marriages have often been a means of enhancing the social and financial standing of the partners involved rather than a relationship based on love and mutual attraction. In addition, the male dominant nature of the society provided men a greater right and say in matrimonial alliances over the Chinese girls they intended […]

How To Handle Online Dating Fatigue?

Dating online with Chinese girls is fun, right? You meet loads of pretty girls, have new conversations…but it does not change the fact that “new” can get old pretty quickly, especially if nothing happens and you remain single even after months of dating. Sound familiar? You may just be suffering from dating fatigue. While it […]