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Views from China and Singapore

For some preliminary answers to the question, I present here the views of 75 English language teachers from China and Singapore. They were postgraduate students doing applied linguistic courses in the same university. Of the total, 37 were Chinese college and high school teachers, while the remaining 38 were mainly primary and secondary teachers from […]

Richard Albright Harrisburg Area Community College

In”Pleasurable Pedagogies: Reading Lolita in Tehran and the Rhetoric of Empathy,” I argued for greater scholarly attention to the dynamics of affect—in particular empathy and pleasure—in the popularization of transnational feminism and global human rights. My goal was to suggest how Azar Nafisi’s bestselling memoir functioned within a particular cultural and rhetorical moment that was […]

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Now that the Christmas hats and Christmas stockings have been charily stored until next Christmas,our mind turns to the next vacation quickly appearing. I have received many questions about holiday options about Christmas, including where to go,what to eat,and what to buy. Now I’m not about to lie to you, exceptionally this close to Jesus’s […]

Replica Tag Heuer is The Best Sports Helpmate

After Maria Sharapova(the new tennis star) and Yao Ming(the basketball superstar) became ambassador of Tag Heuer in a month,Tag Heuer declared once again that Hollywood film star–Uma Thueman,Brad Pitt and the famous F1-rider from McLaren–Juan Pablo Montoya were about to be its Brand Ambassador.They and the golf star Tiger Woods formed a team of Tag […]

English Studies As An Active Participant in the Creation

In some senses, the residents began to think of the book less as a literal representation of their community and more as a document that expressed one particular working-through of the issue, a discussion piece for use in their neighborhood. This was evident in their decision not to include more demographic or research materials in […]