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About the Author: I am a writer who is writing travel and leisure articles.

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The Essentials of Any Group Travel

It would be a tough thing to think on how to plan for a group travel. You would be amazed wondering how to start and from where to start. There are many aspects that you would have to actually look in to for the whole process or rather let’s call it the journey of travelling. […]

Having city break in Bern

The vacations and the breaks are really important nowadays. The stress that we accumulate at the workplace is really not that healthy. It is ruining our productivity, our personal life and every other aspect of our life. One of the options for dealing with the stress is having vacations. Unfortunately in most cases we are […]

A travel guide for a holiday in Germany – Berlin’s Charlottenburg

Charlottenburg is a palace in the city of Berlin where you can take your whole family to have fun while you are on holiday in Germany. The palace was created late during the 17th century by a man called Friederich III and he dedicated it to his wife who was called Sophie Charlotte. The purpose […]

A holiday in Germany with children – what you need to know

If you go on a holiday with your children and you give them nothing to do, it can get very tiresome but thankfully, your holiday in Germany will provide your kids with lots of entertainment and will be as much fun for the kids as it is for the adults. Depending on the interests and […]

Interesting attractions in Vienna – the opera

When you visit Vienna, you will understand why the city is considered to be the cultural and art center of Europe. In Vienna there are so many beautiful and interesting attractions that you will surely be amazed of the atmosphere, which this city has. Vienna is world famous for its musical and cultural heritage, people […]