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Some words about cigarette smoke

The rapid development of the tob*acco industry has identified a significant dependence of the quality of the used technologies and the large number of commodity indices (the appearance of packaging and the products themselves), the physical and chemical properties, performance evaluation of the tasting. It is an important indicator of quality smoking products is toxicity. […]

Progestin only oral contraceptives, advantages and disadvantages

Progestin oral contraceptives (POC) – contain a small dose of progestin (mini-pill) and were created as an alternative to COCs. (POC) is used in women to which are contraindicated medications containing estrogen. The use of progestogen on the one hand, allows to reduce the number of complications of hormonal contraception and on the other – […]

L&M – cigarettes with strong and rich taste

L & M – the famous cigarette brand, produced by «Altria Group» company. The name of the brand «L & M» is an abbreviation of the initial letters in the names of 2 friends, John Liggett and Myers Smith. They were the founders of the world famous till today Tob*acco Company «Liggett and Meyers». First, […]

Buy online Chanel Chance Eau Fraiche for Women

Known to many peoples and popular perfume Chanel Chance Eau Fraiche was created in 2007. This feminine perfume scent previously was released version of Chanel Chance. Fresh, delicate, full of youthful bouquet will add romance and youthful optimism to any woman. A classic fragrance from Chanel Chance, justifying its name, its life-affirming flavor shades, provide […]

Chanel Chance Eau Fraiche perfume full of romantic freshness and lightnes

Paulo Coelho wrote in his book remarkable words: “The chance happens not only once, the life must give you one more.” Perhaps the CHANEL house perfumer Jacques Polge read this book, or he came to the same conclusion. And in early March 2007, to the delight of all admirers brand Chanel Chance, went on sale […]