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About the Author: It's time we raise our voice and join hands to change our nation. The onus to make India a better place is on us. Lets Halabol together against the evil and pat the good!

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Raise Your Voice Against Animal Abuse

Animals are useful to mankind in many ways. Every animal fits into the system of nature. Imagine what would the world be if there were no animals in the jungles, no birds chirping in the morning, no honey bees making honey, no fishes in the ponds, no trees, flowers and fruits. Our surroundings would be […]

Debate – An Effective Medium to Advocate Social Issues

Debate is an effective tool for raising awareness or to take on a prevalent social issue, peacefully and rationally to bring change or make progress, to which there are differing opinions and reactions. Participating in debates exposes people to a diverse range of ideas which further assists them in opening their minds up to a […]

Social Work – A Nobel Way to Help People

Social work in layman’s terms means organized and planned work aimed at improving and restoring the social conditions of a community or a person. It aims to help people develop their skills and their ability to use their own resources and those of the community to resolve problems. It is concerned with individual and personal […]

Animal Welfare – Best Way to Show Your Love for Animals

Animals have played an important part in our life since the dawn of time. Animals have helped throughout history by working for humans. Horses and oxen have pulled plows for farming, and carriages and covered wagons for traveling. Many farmers use animals for their livelihood. Many of these animals are used for meat or for […]

Start a Social Campaign to Address a Social Issue

A campaign is a series of planned activities that are intended to achieve a particular social, commercial or political aim. Campaigns are usually done to support something. Campaigning helps to hog limelight easily. This in turn works for the purpose of marketing. However some advertising campaign some time resort to gimmicks or publicity stunts in […]