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An Itchy manhood of a Different Kind – What Behaviors Count as Cheating?

Every man gets an occasional itchy manhood due to rashes, sweat, skin irritants and other physical issues; and normally, a little TLC clears the itch right up. But what about that “other” kind of itchy manhood: the one that aches to indulge in a little outside-the-relationship exploration? And how does one precisely define cheating anyway? […]

Male Organ Vitamin Cream – Lasting Benefits, or Wishful Thinking?

When a guy is about to drop a significant sum of money on a product that is designed strictly for nourishing his male organ, he naturally has some concerns about whether or not the product in question actually works as described – as well he should. To relieve these concerns, it is useful to understand […]

Dry Manhood Skin – Causes, Quick Fixes, and When to Get Help

Flaky, itchy, dry manhood skin is not only uncomfortable and unpleasant to look at; it could be a sign of an underlying health problem. Men who are suffering from dry, flaky male organ skin should be aware of the common triggers; many of these are easily addressed by some small changes to the manhood care […]

Sore Manhood Care and Prevention – Where to Get Treated for Partner-transmitted Infections

No man likes having a sore manhood, but it does happen; much more problematic and serious is a male organ that has contracted a partner-transmitted infection. Promptly treating partner-transmitted infections is one of the most crucial aspects of proper male organ health; leaving a partner-transmitted infection to “take care of itself” can have very serious […]

Red Male Organ Do’s and Don’ts – Sunbathing Tips to Avoid Skin Damage

Summer is right around the corner (at least in the northern hemisphere), which is good news for those who enjoy spending time outdoors in the sun – but which can also lead to a very red male organ for men who decide to engage in a little al fresco sunbathing. Whether a serious tanner or […]