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Google Adwords Changes Location To Bottom

Google AdWords New Ad Location: bottom of the SERP’s Everyone knows that Google ads on the top right to see, but since early November Google added to third place, namely at the bottom, just above the pagination: According to Google will change the CTR (click-through rate) increase, because most people scan the page from head […]

How To Improve Your Bounce Rate For Search Engines

On the internet you will find many articles learn that a high bounce rate is bad. People come to your site and immediately off again. At least that is how most people view the bounce rate. But that is false! A high bounce rate may even be a good sign. In this article I will […]

Using Adwords To Make Cash For Your Website

Forget AdSense, AdWords Remarketing earn more with the code! A rather dubious title, I admit it! But this article is therefore a bit of guerrilla marketing where the boundaries are to be determined. Maybe you’re already familiar with Google AdWords Remarketing. In short, it boils down to: visitors have visited your site but not the […]

How To Use Long Tail Keywords For Your SEO Strategy

Where many merchant irish do not consider is that many customers are often general terms in search engines. Here, in some cases not sufficiently responsive. And that is unfortunate, because this is the wrong merchant customers more often than necessary. Paid search results are used to provide additional traffic to the website. But often, use […]

Using the refresh tag for your website, is it ok with search engines?

Is a refresh tag good for search engines? “I have a landing page created specifically for VoIP providers. The landing page refers to a list / overview of VoIP providers and their prices, specifications and promotional offers. (Does not yet, now links to VoIP forum) Now I have the idea on that page with a […]