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Name: Paul B
About the Author: It doesn't matter whether you're a man or woman, constant fights in the relationship is indeed harmful to your relationship.

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How Do You Know that You Have Fallen in Love?

Have you been in situations where you have started to have feelings for your partner, but you were confused as to what those feelings were. Do you feel that your heart is racing more rapidly and that your blood is pumping more forcefully in your veins? Does your breathing increase and do you start to […]

How Difficulty is Love in a Relationship?

If you are feeling in love, then the next step in your relationship would be to slowly start to build a special relationship and bond with each other. However, many couples will attest to the fact that love can be very difficult to maintain in a relationship. Although relationships can also eventually lead to marriages, […]

Happily Ever After with Polyamory

The trend of polyamory that has been surfacing in the last thirty years is not a new idea. Stemming from the Greek word poly meaning “several” or “many”, and the Latin word amor meaning “love”, polyamory plays with the idea that you should be able to love more than one person at once without the […]

Does Love Die Off Over Time?

One of the questions that befuddle many people over time is definitely the concept of love. Definitely love is something that has been around for thousands of years, as it has determined the course of history over time.  Naturally, it has been a major driving force for almost everything taking place in the course of […]


If you have had a string of failed relationships, it’s time to have a think about what has been going on.  Us serial break up artists have to face the fact that it can’t always be the fault of the other party.  We’ve been sabotaging our relationships somehow, and it’s time to do something about […]