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Ensure End-to-End Information Security with Advanced Threat Management

Threat management is “an approach to network security that integrates a number of different approaches, designed to thwart threats before they actually enter the system.” Compared to before, today effective threat management is highly essential because enterprises face threats from external agents, internal employees, business partners, activist groups to name a few, who resort to […]

Address Threat Management – No Ifs and Buts

Statistics prove beyond doubt that cyber criminals are after the sensitive and confidential information of the enterprises. Hence, in normal circumstances, the greatest concern of any enterprise today should be information security. However, the shocking fact is that majority of enterprises do not monitor security and the reason for such an attitude is the high […]

MIL-STD-130 Marking Criteria for UID Nameplates

UID identification is recognized as a preferred standard for tracking products and parts. Based upon an item-unique identification code, or nameplate, these UID nameplates possess unique features that help to identify and track a variety of products, parts, and supplies from acquisition throughout their entire lifetime. All suppliers to the U.S. Department of Defense are […]

Become UID Compliant and Track Your Investments

Product tracking is an essential requirement of business no matter the type of business. A business needs to track its products for several important reasons. A few of these reasons are listed below. Helps a business measure its assets. When a business knows its assets, it becomes easier to maintain them. Asset tracking helps in […]

Ensure Product Quality and Compliance within the UID Registry

The entire UID process emphasizes how to achieve specific and unique marking quality. The choice for UID marking procedures is most often approved by the United States Department of Defense (DOD). The DOD requires every military item and asset to be uniquely marked. Uniqueness is the main objective of product identification. The UID process has […]