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Axial Fiberglass Blowers and FRP Fans

In view of the crucial need for developing indigenous capability in composite technology the main advantage of FRP fans is their utilization and application of composite as an important performance material in various sectors and to improve upon the laboratory-industry linkages towards development & commercialisation. Tough industrial applications mean tough fans and blowers by Canada […]

High Temperature Fans, Blowers, Ventilators

A new type of high temperature fans and blowers for operating up to 2,200 F is introduced by Tenderall Blower Co. which has increased again the operating temperature limit of its unique line of super high temperature fans and blowers for industrial applications to 2200 F. This was achived by using extremely high strength stainless […]

How to Make Best Use of an HR Consultant

IIn today’s highly competitive industry, the only effective way of accomplishing particular objectives entails inducting an HR consultant into one’s organization. Such an objective could range from drafting the company’s policies procedures to delivering a recruitment campaign, reviewing and implementing the HR information system. Irrespective of what the requirement of a company might be, a […]

Heat Exhauster – A New Design of Roof Ventilator

Type HS power roof ventilators provide a solution for emergency heat and smoke venting that is dependable under the most extreme circumstances. The concept of venting smoke and heat was first outlined by Industrial Risk Insurers (IRI). Use of powered ventilation could eliminate the problems experienced with gravity vents. Specially designed roof mounted exhaust fans […]

InLine Mix Flow Fan

In-line Mix Flow fan is an excellent choice for return air, supply, or general ventilation applications where low sound is critical. As compared to similarly sized tubular centrifugals and vane axials, a mixed flow fan will be 5-20 dB quieter! In addition, the mixed flow wheel is extremely efficient and will cut down on operating […]