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How to Organise your Conferences UKwithin a Limited Budget?

If you are organising an event, it would be most important to find the right Conference Venues. If you have a limited budget to arrange the entire programme, there are a few things you can do to save money. Some of the venues may offer day rates and you can take advantage of these options […]

Are Business Continuity Consultants Needed?

business continuityYou may be considering implementing business continuity in your company strategy during a financial downturn, or it may be that you have it in mind for an economic recovery. There are some very definite reasons to support the former option. A number of companies opt to reduce their expenditure and marketing when times are […]

A Paradigm Shift In The Brand Strategy For The Indian Market

A successful brand strategy for the Indian market will be possible only when Indian organizations understand the evolving needs of their customers, and then satisfy them. The challenges will be adopting the new brand as the organizations’ culture, and changing the attitudes of the employees to delivering quality experience. Employees must be trained in order […]

Vaneaxial Fans for Duct Ventilation

Ventilation ductwork in contemporary large houses becomes so long and elaborated that even a high pressure furnace fan couldn’t generate enough static pressure to blow through the whole length of such a duct. The existing low pressure booster duct fans, even though compact enough to be installed in-line in the house ventilation ductwork, still do […]

Importance of Primary Market Research for Creating a Business Plan

Understanding the market is important for creating all kinds of business plans. The information that you get through market research is the basis of all your critical strategies. Most firms underestimate the power of a well-conducted research. Nobody ignores it, but then nobody takes it seriously enough. Good market research is the backbone of an […]