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Languagescanada- Study English Montreal Canada

With the assistance of professional instructors at Languages Canada and through a positive, assertive approach students get motivated to study English in Montreal, Canada and are able to analyze their situation and determine the causes at the root of their difficulties with learning to study English in Montreal, Canada. Using the assertive tools and problem-solving […]

Languagescanada-Language School Montreal Canada

You have already taken language courses in your country and you know a few things, but you lack confidence when you have to speak and you don’t understand well when native speakers talk fluently. You are determined to do something about it, but you have to be really careful if you don’t want to spend […]

Language Canada – ESL School Montreal Canada

Languages Canada has been established by APTAL, the ESL School, Montreal, Canada, to promote the techniques of Automation, Dynamic Phonetics and Sharp ‘n Smart which are exclusive to ATPAL and are the result of thirty-five years of experience in the field of language training. Languages Canada (APTAL) provides highly efficient and effective language courses in […]