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Avoid Bankruptcy With A Consumer Proposal

It can be hard to pay off all of your bills, no matter how hard you work on eliminating them. You can often afford to pay some money, but not as much as is being asked from you. If you are faced with this situation from month-to-month you may want to consider a consumer proposal. […]

Credit Counseling: Your first line of defense against crushing debt

Many people find themselves in a position where their financial debt has become unmanageable. They find that they simply don’t earn enough money to make ends meet. The common reaction for many people who find themselves in this position is to simply ignore the issue, hoping that it will go away. However, they quickly realize […]

Use Quiet Title to Nullify a Predatory Loan

You have probably heard lots of stories about wrongful foreclosures happening all across the country.  The extent of mortgage fraud committed by predatory lenders such as Bank of America, GMAC, US Bank, Wells Fargo and JP Morgan Chase is so widespread we still haven’t figured out the total damage it is causing, and how many […]

Don’t Hand Your House Over to Greedy Banks With A Deed Lieu

Mortgage fraud is a problem that is affecting millions of American homeowners.  We are still having a hard time determining the extent of the mortgage fraud problem, since it seems like every day we are hearing something new about how predatory lenders such as Wells Fargo, GMAC, JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America and US […]

A Loan Modification Attorney Can Help You Turn The Tables On Predatory Lenders

Over the course of the last ten years or so, we have seen homeowners taken advantage of by predators preying on them.  Mortgage loans that people could not afford and would eventually be forced to default on and then face foreclosure were being handed out left and right by predatory lenders such as Bank of […]