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What is the right way to deal with a mysterious debt?

Problem: A bank refused to open a checking account for my husband due to an unpaid old debt. My husband was not aware of this debt. He came to be aware of this debt only when he was trying to open a checking account. We checked his credit report. This particular debt was not listed […]

Can the collector call my boss regarding the delinquent debts?

Problem: I am the single bread-earner of a large family. Everybody is aware that the cost of living is rising with each passing month. It goes beyond saying that I am facing immense difficulties to run my family with my income. I have borrowed money on a couple of credit cards in the last few […]

A collector calls you about an old debt – What is the solution?

Problem: I was severely ill for several years. I could not work for medical reasons. I had a few debts. The debt amount was more than $100,000. It was not possible for me to pay off the debts because of shortage of funds. I filed bankruptcy to get rid of the debts. I filed bankruptcy […]

Debt consolidation: Hints for Finding the Best Service

When you feel like your monthly budget is already stretched too thin because of your mounting bills, you can look for professional debt consolidators to better manage your financial position. What is debt consolidation? It’s when the creditors waive off the interest rates and all the penalties for late payments that accrued over the years. […]

Ascertaining The Popular Debt Consolidation Benefits

Financial difficulties are now seen as a very common issue that people contend with on multiple levels. People are finding it increasingly more difficult to manage their monthly expenses that are required of them which leaves little to no money left to address outstanding balances that have accrued over time. Consumers that are coping with […]