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Diabetic retinopathy

Diabetes mellitus is a fast growing health hazard throughout the world. According to a study Hyderabad has emerged as the Indian metro city with the highest incidence of diabetes. The study estimated 16.6% of Hyderabad populations have diabetes making it diabetic capital of India. A recent survey revealed only one third of the diabetic individuals […]

General Health and Vision Health

A beautiful sunrise. The play of light on the ocean. The face of a loved one. These are sights that can bring any of us a sense of peace, joy, and satisfaction. Our eyes are central to our happiness, yet we often don’t think about our vision health until we have some problem. We’re much […]

All about Grand Rapids Glaucoma and Pediatric Eye Care Grand Rapids

Eyes are one of the greatest gifts given to us. So, it is essential to take proper care of our eyes from the various harmful diseases that could possible take away our vision. Glaucoma is one of those insidious diseases that cause severe impact on the eye health. However, at present there are various eye […]

Grand Rapids Eye Doctor: Best Doctors that Provides Best Eye Care Treatments

An ophthalmologist is a specialist that deals with eye surgeries and other eye medical issues. There are various ophthalmologistare available in Grand Rapids Michigan but when you’re searching for the best look no further than Grand Rapids Ophthalmology for complete eye care for you and your family. You were searching the web for Grand Rapids […]

Vision Care Products: Eyeglasses and Contact Lenses

If you’re searching for Eyeglasses Grand Rapids then Grand Rapids Ophthalmology has the eyeglasses you desire. Welcome to Grand Rapids Ophthalmology-Optical!Our eight locations offer the convenience of free parking and easy access to the highways so you never need to travel far to choose your glasses; pick them up, or for your complimentary adjustments. Each […]