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The Numerous Advantages of Understanding Food

If there is one general skill that trumps all others for people who are able to find and maintain a healthy weight over the long term, it may surprise you that it is not the will to push yourself to exercise or the will power to eat less. I tell people that before they buy Six Week […]

How You Can Improve Performance by Altering Sleep Habits

You may have read many times about what fitness experts call the “holy trinity” of being healthy and fit. You of course have nutrition and exercise, but the third one is often relegated so far to the back that it gets disregarded altogether. Sleep is something that unfortunately is approached with less than great care […]

Ephedrine Perfect Pills for Save Weight Loss

Ephedra is a Chinese herb which is also known as ephedrine it is natural herb which cures asthma cold cough headache and other chronic diseases. It improves the function of bronchioles and act as medication for asthma. This is the most effective medicine with no side effect .it improves our immune system and prevent us […]

More Quick Snacks For Your Six Week Total Body Makeover That Won’t Torpedo Your Results

Recently we delved into the topic of eating in an improvisational way within the Six Week Total Body Makeover Program. In other words, we want to know if it is ok to eat outside the purview of the regimen if we get hungry. I have urged users to take the approach that for the first week […]

Getting Familiar with the Different Degrees of Hunger

Flat out and direct we in the western countries are probably way over fed. I am not generally opposed to eating a lot, especially of the right things.   The problem is not that we eat too much as you often hear. The problem is our bodies are never asked to adapt to a healthy […]